Weekend In Review: Dates A Plenty

I had a fabulous weekend full of all kinds of dates. 
We actually went a little crazy this weekend going out to eat 
(our garbage disposal broke and made cleaning/cooking incredibly difficult). 
We’ll be making up for it with a slim week ahead… 
but, it was very needed to get a bit of a break from the stress of the day to day.
The hubby at dinner Friday Night
Friday night a friend gave us a gift that allowed the hubby and I to enjoy an evening out. Another friend graciously babysat kiddo and we took advantage of the evening by eating dinner out.
I had a really great wood grilled salmon and the hubby had three different styles of shrimp.
X helping me craft on Saturday morning. Raffia- YUM!
X giving Daddy’s ear a good tasting
X loves grocery shopping. He likes to turn around and look at where we are going.
Saturday was an day of getting a lot of items checked off of the to-do list, but it is also our only full day during the week all together as family. I had some fiction stories way past deadline that needed worked on, the house needed a good cleaning, I had a crafting to-do list a mile long, and we needed to go grocery shopping. We decided to take a family date to an area pub and enjoy dining al fresco while I worked on my stories. I spent the entire afternoon playing with the kiddo, eating tasty food, chatting with the hubby, and typing away. We then got some grocery shopping done and headed home for a nice evening in. I even finished some of my crafting.
X Standing all on his own on Sunday morning
Sunday I worked in the morning. 
While I worked my little man did TWO firsts. So sad to have missed them! He stood all by himself without the need to hold onto anything. He also crawled up to my hubby and said, “Daddy” with a smile. (He had been saying Mama and Dada, but he hadn’t said it TO us yet.)
 The evening was filled with triple date (with kiddos in tow) with fellow bloggers and their husbands. It was such a fun time. We enjoyed delicious Thai food at Portland restaurant Soi9. 
We talked kids (why does that happen when kiddos are around?), houses, jobs, and about growing up. Surprisingly we didn’t really even talk about blogging one time! 
Me and my lil man Sunday evening
X and J ( son of Adi & Matt)
Jason (Suzannah’s hubby) and a flying X!
Adi & J along with Jason & X (We love it when X makes new friends!)
My men on the walk to the car
Monday may not be considered weekend for most people… but, for me it is my day of rest. Today I cleaned the house a little bit. (The garbage disposal is fixed!) I finished my fiction writing projects. I played pat-a-cake and crawled around with my little guy. 
And, then, I followed it all up with a free makeover with some girl friends. 
Fun, fun!
Back to the grind tomorrow. 
How was your weekend?

{DIY} Colorful Vases and Candle Holders

One of my favorite parts of the recent Portland Blogger meet-up was creating some of the pretty spring decorations for the event. I wanted to bring in some of my favorite spring/summer hues without breaking the bank. So, a few cans of spray paint later and I had fun decor items that could serve multiple purposes. You can customize the look to fit ANY party by just changing the color! 
Glass vases and/or candle holders
Alcohol to remove stickers
Painter’s tape
Primer Spray Paint
Spray Paint in your choice of color
Spray Sealant
Step One: Take off the stickers (if there are any) from your vessel.
 I took of the stickers by rubbing them with rubbing alcohol. 
After the alcohol sat on the sticker for a few moments the sticker pulled right off.
Remember to clean the and dry the vessel after using the alcohol.
Step Two: I really wanted the top of the vases and candle holders to be left unpainted. So, I ran painters tape along the tops of the vessels. I varied the width of the tape for my project.
Step Three: In a well-ventilated and protected area spray the vessels with a primer coat. Let dry for time specified on the back of the spray paint can.
Step Four: Spray the vessels with a coat of color. Let dry for time specified on the back of the spray paint can. Give the vessels a second coat if needed.

Step Five: Spray the vessels with a coat of sealant to keep the paint from scratching.
Step Six: Remove tape! 

photo via Vintage Pretty
The vessels made great vases for the fresh flower arrangements. They also held pens and forks throughout the party. And, best of all, they made beautiful candle holders. 
They really gave a beautiful glow! 
I’d love to know if you attempt this DIY and would really love to see photos of the finished product!
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