It takes a Village: Solid Foods

Before having my child I was a much better parent.
I had great aspirations for what I would feed my son. I planned out (and wrote) a very detailed list of dos and don’ts for my family to refer to if ever left alone with the little guy.
A sample of my pre-kiddo food goals:
1. No solid foods before 6 Months of Age
2. Make all of my kid’s foods from organic produce/meats
3. No meat until 1 year
4. No sugar products
5. No juice until a year (and possibly not even after that)
6. Do not eat things like sweets or fast food in front of kiddo
Bahahaa… yea, didn’t happen.
Here is what DID happen:
1. He had solids at 4.5 months (he also already had 3-4 teeth at this time)
2. I’ve made some of his foods. It has been organic. But, I’ve also bought food for him and have been sucked into the convenience of pre-packaged foods.
3. I am not sure why I made this rule for myself (might have read it somewhere) but, my doctor is okay with it and my kiddo loves it. He had his first taste of meat at 8 months old, but didn’t get it often until now at 9 months of age.
4. I’ve been pretty good about keeping sugar away from the kiddo. But, I did give him a couple tiny bites of Salt & Straw‘s amazing vanilla ice cream this past week. It felt mean to eat it in front of him.
5. I actually ate much better before I got pregnant and brought a kid into this world of convenient foods. I rarely ate fast food before pregnancy, but the convenience (and cravings) got to me a few times during my pregnancy. I was, however, on a very strict diet during my pregnancy, so I couldn’t indulge often. When I started breast feeding my need to eat seemed to grow exponentially. I also have become busier than I’ve ever been in my whole life…. thus, fast food and ice cream have become not-so-welcome staples. Something I am working on changing, but it is something I’ve certainly indulged in while the kiddo was present.
How about you…
did you have certain rules for solid foods before having your kiddo that you did/didn’t keep up with?

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