Ahhh… the sun! SUN!! 
That is pretty much how I felt all weekend long. I love the sun and as soon as Portland sky lights up with that pretty little orb I make sure I have on a sleeveless shirt and a spot on the driest patch of grass I can find. This sunny weekend I had the joy of sharing my love of the sun with my son. 
Saturday I enjoyed a day of outdoor shopping and playing in the park. Saturday evening we had some friends over for an impromptu dinner party. We fired up the grill and I sat out on the porch until late in the evening. It was pretty much the perfect day.
I had to work ALL day Sunday… being stuck indoors when ever the sun is out is pretty much torture. But, as always I am super thankful that I have a job. And, the day ended up being a pretty easy work day and the sun stayed out for my Monday Funday anyways. 
I love my Mondays… the only thing that could make Monday better is if my husband was off work! 
I didn’t even open my computer on Monday.
I didn’t do any laundry.
I didn’t wash a single dish.
(I’m pretty sure you can figure out what I’m doing today!)
X and I spent the day outdoors yesterday. X wore his new sunhat and lots of sunscreen.
 I wore a sun dress and sandals. 
During the evening the hubby joined us for dinner in the park. 
It was a really, really beautiful day.
Now it is back to reality for me… and, I never thought I’d say this, but I’m thankful for a grey day today. I have 12,000 words to write and blogs to get prepared. I plan on spending the day in front of my computer and cleaning up my very messy home!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Impromptu Dinner Party

I’m a big fan of all the wonderful details of a well thrown party. But, there is also something special about an impromptu dinner party with friends. No stressing over whether the house is perfect. No hours of preparation.
Tonight I enjoyed just that. At 3 PM we texted a few friends an invitation. At 6 PM everyone showed up with items for the grill and bottles of wine. I threw a tablecloth over my card table on the patio and we had a lovely dinner alfresco.
It’s important to not forget how great the small and not planned-to-a-tee parties can be as well as the more elaborate parties.

Sunny Saturday

I love the sun in Portland. It might be the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen when the sun is shining.
Today we went walking about in SE Portland. We enjoyed the weather by going to a local coffee shop, hitting the park, and some outdoor shopping! We bought X a running stroller today (so much better than the stroller we had). We also went to a garage sale and an estate sale. It was my first estate sale and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted. I spent $5 at the estate sale and came out with 7 yards of great fabrics and 5 beautiful vintage sheets. So excited about all the future projects! We spent $10 at the garage sale and I came out with a craft supply set-up like no other. Oh, and a set of prisma color pencils! Good day. Now, resting a bit before a dinner with friends out on the patio.
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