Book Exchange

The book in the front there is actually in mommy and daddy’s book collection now that the kiddo is here. It was given as a funny gift from a good friend. I would not suggest reading it to your kiddo or sending it in the exchange.

Anyone else love having a full library to choose from when reading to the kiddo? 
I have a lot of great books to read to my little man… 
but, I’ve read many of them SO many times that I get a little bored.
When a friend on Instagram wrote about a sort of book exchange chain letter I was all for participating in it. The basic idea is that you send out 1 book and get back 36 books!
 What a deal, right?
Here is how it works: 
There is a letter that lists two addresses. 
#1 Address—Kiddo You most likely don’t know along with their age
#2 Address—Kiddo of a friend of yours along with their age

You send one book to the child listed as #1 below. Then send a copy of the letter to 6 friends. Move child’s name and address listed under #2 to the #1 spot and list your child as #2 on your letter before sending it out. 
Be sure to include your child’s age next to their name and address.
And, really, if you don’t get back 36 books, as long as you get back more than 1 book then you got a good deal.  
Wanna take part? I need 6 friends to E-mail me!

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