Bumps and bruises

The one thing I feared the most when they told me I was having a boy happened today. Today my rough and tumble baby really hurt himself. Not just a face plant in the carpet or a small bump on his noggin. Not even a tongue biting (happened last week). Today he tried standing while playing with a box, tumbled over the box and smacked his head HARD on the TV stand.
The coffee table has pads on the corners. The sockets have covers. The kitchen a gate. But, he somehow hurts himself on the tiny ledge of the TV stand.
Scariest noise I’ve ever heard. Then, seeing a dent in his perfect little head- an immediate bruise. My heart stopped for a moment. His scream was the worst I’ve heard yet (and, he has been teething for a while now).
Moments later he was back to smiling and playing. The nurse I talked to seemed to think he was okay, but gave me things to look for just in case. His naptime I checked on him every ten minutes. Tonight we are sleeping close to him.
I’m pretty sure he is just fine. And, I’m pretty sure I have a lifetime of worry ahead of me!

X during his nap with a bump on his head.

X after his nap–happy as a lark!
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