Loving Lipstick

Me, I haven’t ever been a big fan of lipstick. My bow shaped lips are a pretty color—Why change it? Also, I’ve always wanted to play up my eyes rather than my lips.
Most the time I just slap on some gloss and call it good.
But, the goody bags from the Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up had a tube of Radiant Cosmetic’s lipstick in it and I thought I’d try an experiment. I got a fairly light pink shade called Peony (perfect for Spring, don’t ya think?) So, I took a photo with and without my peony pink lipstick.


What do you think?

I think the little extra color on my lips actually made my eyes light up even more.
It also brought out some color in my cheeks. I think I might be addicted.

I also wanted to experiment on how long the lipstick would last on my lips.
I applied lip liner and then my lipstick and then gave my little man a bunch of kisses.


The lipstick was still on my lips after 50 kisses! Not bad, right?
And, I can feel even better about wearing lipstick by knowing that the lipstick helps support a good cause. Radiant Cosmetics has dedicated time and resources into the fight against human trafficking.
From their website:
“We are not your ordinary makeup company.
We believe that through ordinary purchases we can make a difference in this world.
Radiant Cosmetics was built around our passion to fight human trafficking.
With every product you purchase we donate our time, money and effort to help fight the injustice.”
I think I am going to have to go through the other colors available and see if I can’t pull off wearing lipstick more often!
Full Disclosure: The Portland Bloggers were gifted items from the above company to help support the Portland Bloggers. The sponsors were given signage at the event. No posts were expected from the bloggers in return for the donations. But, everyone at the event, including myself were super excited by the turn out and the companies that were involved.  Personally, I have a journalism background and don’t believe in exchanges of promises of positive reviews for products and will not do that on either of my blogs nor suggest that other bloggers do that. I contacted most of these sponsors personally because I believe in their product and have experienced great service with them. This makes it only a joy for me to share any links to these companies with you! 

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