Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up Decor

I had a great time coming up with some ideas for the decor for the 
Spring Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up.
 I wanted it to be bright and filled with color and flowers.
I worked with Sam creating ideas for the event and pulling off the set-up. 
Throughout the week you’ll see some DIY posts so you can recreate this look
 (or improve upon it) for your spring parties!
Photos are from three different cameras and are all labeled.
 Check out Sam & Olga‘s blogs for more wonderful images!
I had a wonderful time and I think everyone else did as well! 
Thank you to the lovely ladies who helped me with everything Sam, Adi, and Nicole
Thank  you to all the lovely ladies who joined us for the event.
Check out some of the fashionable ladies over at Leave the Laundry for Later.
And, the event was made ten times better due to contributions from some really great companies wishing to say “hi” and support the Portland Blogging community. 
Radiant Cosmetics
Blue Strawberry Scents
Full Disclosure: The Portland Bloggers were gifted items from the above companies to help support the Portland Bloggers. The sponsors were given signage at the event. No posts were expected from the bloggers in return for the donations. But, everyone at the event, including myself were super excited by the turn out and the companies that were involved.  Personally, I have a journalism background and don’t believe in exchanges of promises of positive reviews for products and will not do that on either of my blogs nor suggest that other bloggers do that. I contacted most of these sponsors personally because I believe in their product and have experienced great service with them. This makes it only a joy for me to share any links to these companies with you!

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  1. Reply

    Thanks for the Cash4Books.net shout out, Awesome Jenni! It looks like a fabulous event.

    Because we love your cupcakes, any of your followers selling us books can use bonus code PartyTime for an extra 15% payout.

  2. Reply

    It looks like a super awesome event you put on Jenni. Those frosted candle holders look so colorful!

    I am bummed that I missed out, but look forward to coming to the next event!

    • Kira
    • April 18, 2012

    It looks awesome, great work!

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