Midweek Update: Teething, Writing, and Social Networking

My week has been an eventful one! I’ve spent all week dealing with a teething baby, a huge freelance writing deadline, and learning more about social networking.

The teething baby and I had to see the doctor after a day of screaming (him, not me…although, I was close to it). We found out that on top of trying to get 6 new teeth at one time he also has a bit of thrush. So, we got some meds for that and he seems to be doing better.

I am so behind on a freelance writing project that I’m spending every free moment writing. I even managed to write one story mainly on my phone!

Lastly, I am twittering, blogging, face-booking, Pinteresting, Wunderkiting, Google+ing and more. I was fortunate enough to be invited to learn all about West Elm’s summer line. So much pretty stuff all in one place! And, I’ve been gathering sponsors and supplies for the April 14 blogger meet-up! That is just over ONE week away!!

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