Monthly Archive:: April 2012

Book Exchange: The book in the front there is actually in mommy and daddy’s
A little break: I’m having some trouble getting stuff done this week. I will make
Get Some Cash: One of the gift bag sponsors for the Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up was
: Ahhh… the sun! SUN!!  That is pretty much how I felt all
Impromptu Dinner Party: I’m a big fan of all the wonderful details of a well
Sunny Saturday: I love the sun in Portland. It might be the most beautiful
Simple Flower Arranging: I love real, fresh flowers at events.  I think they just really
Party Prep: Today I spent the day working on a clothing swap party. Basically,
Bumps and bruises: The one thing I feared the most when they told me I
Loving Lipstick: Me, I haven’t ever been a big fan of lipstick. My bow
Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up Decor: I had a great time coming up with some ideas for the
Oh So Stylish Portland Bloggers: The Portland Blogger Meet-Up this weekend was a seriously wonderful way to
Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up Sneak Peek: It has been a busy, busy few days and today I took
Weekend in Review: Whole Foods, Party Prep, and Portland Bloggers: Today I am taking it EASY. I’m playing with my little guy