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Cocktail Recipe: When Life Gives You Pears: I’m a bartender… And I like creating new drinks. So, when my
{Recipes} Fancy Pants Signature Cocktails: In order to not spend too much money we asked guests to
{Recipes} Fancy Pants Desserts: Now, a good party can’t just have good drinks and snacks. It
{Recipes} Crostini Appetizers Pt. 2: This is part three of my many recipes from my Fancy Pants
{Recipes} Crostini Appetizers Pt. 1: I’ve said it before. I love food. And, I think a good
{Recipes} Party Snacks: I love food. LOVE it. I like eating it. I like cooking
Needed a Change: Everyone said I’d chop my hair off as soon as the baby
{Real Party} Fancy Pants Birthday Party: My birthday falls right before Christmas… Which means that funds are usually
Daily dose of happy #2: YouTube Video - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone
Daily Dose of Happy #1: Just a quick picture of something that made me happy today. Someone
Sleep and Eat: What a day… Today the boy refused to nap. He was sleepy,
CRAFT February Exchange: This past month I participated in the C.R.A.F.T. Exchange- it is an