Cocktail Recipe: When Life Gives You Pears

I’m a bartender… And I like creating new drinks. So, when my friend asked me to make something up I obliged. I had some ripe pears and a bottle of an amazing honey liqueur… So I went from there.

When Life Gives You Pears

1 1/4 oz- Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey Liquor
1 oz- triple sec
1/2 ripe Pear- muddled
1 tsp- simple syrup
1 tsp- honey

Shake well over ice
Strain into a sugar rimmed martini glass.
Serve with a slice of pear

It’s good. I promise!

BTW: If you are a Portland Blogger then you can look forward to a couple signature cocktails at the April Blogger Meet-Up! Invitations are going out TOMORROW…. If you are a Portland Blogger and you haven’t received email from me before then please write me!

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{Recipes} Fancy Pants Signature Cocktails

In order to not spend too much money we asked guests to bring beer, wine, or their favorite liquor to the party. We supplied some jubelale (from Deshutes Brewery), white wine, red wine, and two signature drinks. In my “pays me money” job I’m a bartender… so, creating these drinks was nearly as much fun as creating all the food for the party! They both involved making flavored simple syrups. The simple syrups can be used with soda water to make tasty non-alcoholic beverages!

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{Recipes} Fancy Pants Desserts

Now, a good party can’t just have good drinks and snacks. It also has to have some amazing desserts (in my opinion). And, a birthday especially has to have some amazing desserts. 
I really wanted to try the balsamic pears with marscapone recipe that I saw on a food video once. I couldn’t figure out where I saw it so I googled many recipes and came up with one on my own. 
Balsamic Pears with Marscapone
(Makes 4 desserts)
Marscapone Cheese- 1 16 oz container
1/2 cup honey
1/2 Cup Sugar
Ground Black Pepper
1 Cup Balsamic Vinegar 
1. In a bowl mix the Marscapone with the half cup of honey and 1/4 cup sugar. Mix with a hand mixer or a stand mixer.
2. Mix the other 1/4 cup sugar and fresh ground pepper (probably 5 twists of grinder or half a teaspoon of pepper) with the cup of balsamic vinegar. 
3. Marinate the sliced pears in the vinegar for 30 minutes to an hour in the fridge. 
4. Place sliced pears in individual bowls or cups. Place a large dollop of the sweetened marscapone cheese in each bowl.  Drizzle the balsamic vinegar on top. 
This dessert was tasty…but, certainly a different style of dessert that I’ve ever done before!
 Birthday Cake

I was intentionally vague when I created the print out with the menu. I had no idea what kind of cake I was going to make for the event. I ended up going with a simple chocolate cake with an Irish cream frosting. It was quite yummy, if I do say so myself. 
I used this recipe from Martha Stewart to make the cake. I sliced each 8 inch cake into two parts to make a four layer cake. I like tall cakes! 
Irish Cream Frosting
1 lb butter- room temp
1/2 cup of crisco (I know, sounds gross…but, it makes for a beautiful frosting)
5 cups of powdered sugar (give or take)
1 Tablespoon vanilla
1/2 cup of Irish Cream (I used Baileys)
Salt (to taste) 
1. Whip the room temperature butter with the half cup of crisco. Whip until soft and fluffy.
2. Slowly add in the powdered sugar.
3. As you mix in the sugar go ahead and mix in the Irish Cream and Vanilla. Add more sugar if needed for consistency. 
4. Once all is mixed together add salt to taste. I can’t stand a too sweet icing.  

Check out the other recipes from the party:
Party Snacks
Crostini Appetizers Pt. 1
Crostini Appetizers Pt. 2
And, check back tomorrow for some tasty signature drink recipes! 

{Recipes} Crostini Appetizers Pt. 2

This is part three of my many recipes from my Fancy Pants Birthday Party. I wanted easy to make, or make ahead, tasty appetizers to searve at the cocktail party. So, with the help of Martha and a post on Eat Drink Pretty I came up with some filling crostini appetizers. I created 6 simple crostini recipes that I’ll share with you in two posts. Check out Post One for the first three recipes. Also, check out the snack recipes if you want something for your guests to snack on throughout the event. There are no step-by-step photos because they are really that easy to make.

{Recipes} Crostini Appetizers Pt. 1

I’ve said it before. I love food. And, I think a good party must have some good, good food.

So, at my party I wanted a wonderful menu that took very little time to prepare. I didn’t want to be in the kitchen the entire night of my party! So, with the help of Martha and a post on Eat Drink Pretty I came up with some filling crostini appetizers. I created 6 simple crostini recipes that I’ll share with you in two posts. There are no step-by-step photos because they are really that easy.

{Recipes} Party Snacks

I love food. LOVE it. I like eating it. I like cooking it. I like reading about it. I even like watching shows about it. So, when it came to my birthday party I wanted good food that could be made quickly or ahead of time. I created a simple menu that anyone could work with for a party. I don’t like serving alcohol at a party without plenty of food. I started the entire party with some snacks laid out throughout the party space.

Needed a Change

Everyone said I’d chop my hair off as soon as the baby started pulling my hair. I said, “Eh, I’ll just throw it in a pony tail!”

That worked for a bit. I typically looked like this:

Which I liked fine. But, I didn’t love always wearing it up. I also got a headache from all the weight on top of my head. But, I liked having long hair when I has the opportunity to wash and dry it. That was the hard part… Washing and drying that much hair took more time than this mommy had.

So, a change was needed. Oh, and I don’t do change lightly. I went into Bishops, sat down, and said, “Chop it all off!” The stylist looked at me like I was crazy until I said, “I have a 6 month old.” She agreed immediately.

So, I got the change I needed! Oh, I also got new glasses… Totally needed!

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{Real Party} Fancy Pants Birthday Party

My birthday falls right before Christmas… Which means that funds are usually low and my mind is always somewhere other than on planning or enjoying a party. But, it is also among my favorite days of the entire year. I typically use it as an excuse to get dressed up and hang out with my friends. So, this year, with a lot of help from my friends, I threw together a Fancy Pants birthday party.

This is the first year I’ve used Christmas decor in my birthday party. I typically like to keep it all separate. But, it turned out to be a inexpensive and festive way to decorate. I created the paper goods for the party, created fun appetizers with the help of trader joes, made some fun signature cocktails, created a few activities, and had a great time! Over the next few days I’ll post about the recipes, decor, and activities. I’ll even add a few freebie printables so you can have your own fancy pants party!

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Daily dose of happy #2

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Daily Dose of Happy #1

Just a quick picture of something that made me happy today.

Someone napped!!
(if you are in the dark as to why that made me happy check out yesterday’s post)

What made you happy today?

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Sleep and Eat

What a day… Today the boy refused to nap. He was sleepy, but he wouldn’t nap. He also refused to eat most of the day. He was hungry, but he refused to eat. He is having a much harder time dealing with teething now that he is getting his top teeth than he ever did with the bottom teeth.

So, because today was a doozy, I thought I’d share some of my favorite photos of X eating and sleeping.

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CRAFT February Exchange

This past month I participated in the C.R.A.F.T. Exchange- it is an exchange of any type of crafty via snail mail. As I LOVE sending and receiving mail I was down to participate.

I sent Ashley, in Texas, a Craft Supply Six-Pack. I originally wanted to sew something, but time got away from me. I hope she likes the craft supplies for future fun crafting projects. I know that I love receiving craft stuff!

If you are a fan of crafting and craft supplies then participate in the next C.R.A.F.T. Package Pals Exchange. It happens every two months!

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