{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 2

DIY Eye Lash Bar
I thought it would be fun for people to dress up for the party—go a little glam! So, I put together a simple fake eyelash bar for everyone to enjoy. The big important thing to do here is make sure that it is safe and people aren’t sharing items that go near their eye. Ewww…
1. Fake Eyelashes (found mine for $1-$3/set from Target in their Elf line)
2. mascara (I got several two sided mascara wands for $1/piece from the Target Elf line—I then put a sticker on each side so we could tell which side was used)
3. Eye shadow applicators/ liner brushes -OR- makeup application Q-tips
4. Eye shadow
5. Black liner (you can get several pencils or use a cream liner)
6. Sterilized tweezers
7. Make up remover and cotton balls
8. Sterilized eye lash curlers
9. Directions
10. Mirror

These little eyelash sets from the e.l.f. line have a curler and a pair of tweezers. Great idea!
I also put out rubbing alcohol and often went in
 and sterilized the tweezers and eyelash curlers.

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    I love fake eyelashes! Sephora has some great ones, my favorite is called “Flutter”. At only $8 you can’t go wrong! Cute blog, i’m a new follower! xo

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