{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 1

I like to have a few easy activities for any party. I especially like to have them at cocktail parties where the main activity tends to be drinking and eating. 
I had a few different things for the Fancy Pants Party… I made the signs for the activities a little tongue in cheek. I thought they were funny. I don’t even know if anyone else read them, but I had a lot of fun making them!
I made several “couture” hats for the ladies to wear, tissue paper crowns for the guys, and paper bow ties for anyone who wanted to wear them. 
Tissue Paper Crown DIY
My friend sporting the tissue paper crown and bow tie quite nicely!
1.Measure a tissue paper around your head
2.Cut the tops to points or scallops
3. Tape the two ends together to make crown
*Similar to this DIY from Gracious Rain *
Paper Bow Tie DIY
1. Cut out a bow tie shape from patterned paper (I used different types of scrap book paper)
2. Trace the shape of the bow ties onto the paper with a marker or sharpie
3. Attach a paper clip on the back of the bow tie with tape so that guests can clip on the tie

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