Monthly Archive:: March 2012

Daily Dose of Happy #3: I need to start putting these up daily or naming them something
Inspiration for Spring Cocktail Party: I’ve mentioned the Portland Blogger Meet-ups before, but as I am one
Party Prep: I’m a busy gal. Like–”should have has those five stories turned in
The size of your universe: My husband sent me a link to a site that gives a
{Baby Style} Leg Warmers: I went a little bit crazy from no sleep and high expectations
{Real Parties} Activites for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 3: Like I said before…. I thought it was fun to do some
Sponsor Spotlight: I’d like to take a moment to draw your attention to the
{Real Party} Flavorful Favors for A Fancy Pants Party: This party was a cocktail party…one for adults. So, please excuse the
We’re In Business: And… we’re in business!  Get your own Well Crafted Party!  I’m offering
Portland Blogger Meet-Up: I’ve been enjoying getting together with other Portland Bloggers for a few
{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 2: DIY Eye Lash Bar I thought it would be fun for people
Monthly Photos: 7 Months Old: Someone is 7 months old now!! He has two teeth on the
Feeling a Bit Reflective: I remember how I felt graduating high school. I remember my dreams
{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 1: I like to have a few easy activities for any party. I