Daily Dose of Happy #3

I need to start putting these up daily or naming them something else. Hmmm… Anyways, here is one thing that made me happy today: My little guy has been working on standing by himself lately and is getting SO close to doing it all on his own!

Inspiration for Spring Cocktail Party

I’ve mentioned the Portland Blogger Meet-ups before, but as I am one of the many people that help plan them I can’t help to talk about them more and more as the time gets near. The next Portland Blogger Meet-Up is scheduled for April, 14 which means I need to get in gear! 
Ladies from the last Portland Blogger’s Meet-Up
Usually we have a brunch where the bloggers get together and talk about blogging, network with people, and craft together. This next meet-up we thought we’d switch it up a bit and have a cocktail mixer where significant others and/or close friends would joins us at the meet-up. I’m getting excited about meeting the people I read about all the time and letting my husband know that there are other poor men that have to sit by their lady as we types the evening away. 
Sam, from Sam Rosen blog, and I got together this past week to discuss decor, activities, and more. I’m now more excited than ever for this event. It is sure to be the best one yet! I don’t want to give away all the fun surprises… (there are many!) but, I do want to wet your whistle a little bit for the event. Check out the Pinterest board to see what direction we are going for the party.
Inspiration for a Spring Cocktail Party
And, of course, we are still looking for sponsors for the event. If you are a Portland-area business owner who would like to participate by providing products or services to the event please e-mail me for the sponsorship package information.
If you are a blogger who is interested in coming and you live in the greater Portland metro area (or really, anywhere in Oregon close enough for you to drive into Portland) then please e-mail me for the meet-up location! We want you to join us. If you can’t make it to this event, but would like to be included in future mailings e-mail me to add yourself to the master Portland Blogger list.

Party Prep

I’m a busy gal. Like–“should have has those five stories turned in yesterday, but still on number 2;” “two blogs that I want to write on;” “meetings everyday;” “teething baby;” “need to make some quick $;” and “planning a blogger meet-up”–BUSY.

Did I do it to myself? Yep. Do I often overload my plate? Yep! Do I LOVE being busy… You guessed it–yep! I feel so incredibly blessed with so much creative work. But, you my dear readers must suffer through a couple days of silence. Sorry!

Look forward to a {Real Party} post featuring woodland details, DIY Spring projects, Easter party ideas, a new {Friday Finds} and more!

Me and Sam Rosen after making Portland Blogger Meet-Up Party Plans!

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The size of your universe

My husband sent me a link to a site that gives a visual representation of the size of our universe.
It is pretty amazing to see a representation of how big (and how small) the universe is.
It got me thinking about my universe.
I thought about the following questions:
1. Where am I in my universe? Where should I be?
2. Where is my family in my universe? Friends? Where should they be?
3. Where is my work/goals/hobbies in my universe? Where should they be? 
4. When I am older, what would I like my universe to look like?
This is what I think my universe looks like at the moment:
1. Right now I’m the center of my own universe… I’ve been very self-centered lately.
What do I want? Who do I want to be? How do I feel? 
Is it today’s world that makes us this way or is it just me? With all the social networking out there and things like Blogs I’m beginning to think that it is a lot easier to be ego-centric these days.
2. Part of my making things about me is the second thing I spend most of my time with these days: My computer. I’m literally on it for 10+ hours a day in some way (sometimes it is in the form of my cell phone). I’m writing, reading, social networking, image editing, designing, and more. 
3. My son has become a big part of my life. I love him and want him to be a big part of my life. Although, in all honesty, I want to spend more time with him and developing him rather than sitting on my computer while he plays on the ground.
4. My friends and family. They are a big part of my life and I want them to feel special. Sometimes I put them before things that need more attention and other times I put things such as my computer in front of them.
5. Crafts and parties— Both are a big part of my life, but I often give them much more attention than they need.  I certainly spend way too much money on them both.
6. My husband and our relationship. Lately I’ve been much too focused on me and what I want out of life. Maybe it’s because I feel fulfilled in that area in my life and happy. I don’t want to lose out in the area of my marriage and my husband’s happiness and dreams just because I’m content. 
7. House Cleaning, Budget, Saving for future, Health, etc. These items are just sort of floating around in my universe. They sometimes are super small and insignificant and other times are like a black hole that swallow me whole.  
And, this is what I would like my universe to look like:
1. I’d like to focus on making certain items in my life—such as: my relationship with my husband; my husband’s hopes and dreams; and my own desires— equal to each other. These things are going to be important for the rest of my life and in creating stronger relationships with the second most important things in my life.
2. My kids (my son and future possible children)— I really want to be a great mom. I want to be the type of mom that spends her days filling her children with knowledge in fun and exciting ways. I want to prioritize my time in such a way that I can focus on my children without losing me in the process.
3. My Family and Friends— I want to continue putting effort into my friends and family… I just want to make sure that the effort is more consistent and focused. For instance, I want to continually talk to my friends and family and not just send a card or gift on their birthdays. I want to spend more time with the people that put effort into me and my family’s life rather than spending time/effort/money connecting to people who don’t appreciate it.
4. Computer, Crafts, Parties—I need to better prioritize, cut back and become more efficient in these areas so that they don’t take over my life.
5. All those other things… I hope to make those items more equal in my life and not so consuming. I hope that someday I won’t have to live life paycheck to paycheck. I hope that I can learn to live within my means and save for the future. And, I hope that if I can’t keep my house clean I can at least afford to hire someone to do it for me! 😉
What does your universe look like? 
What would you like to spend more (or less) time focusing on?
I’ve learned a lot by looking at “my universe” and I think that it is important for everyone to sit back and reflect now and again. Here is to making my universe (and hopefully, the universes of those around me) a better place.

{Baby Style} Leg Warmers

I went a little bit crazy from no sleep and high expectations sometime after the baby was born. I might have initiated a small fight that ended in some tears that actually included the phrase,
“Yes! Pants are always neccessary!”
I was determined that my baby would be dressed every day in more than just a onesie. It didn’t matter if we weren’t going out. It didn’t matter if it took more time to change his diaper. He would have on pants and they’d be cute. I also didn’t really want him in sweat pant type material if we were going out in public. 
“I don’t wear sweats in public! Neither will he!”
That didn’t last. Thankfully. But, I still like having something on my little guy’s legs since the weather is more than slightly chilly and I don’t want to run the heat in my house 24/7. That is when I fell in love with leg warmers. They aren’t just for super cute girl babies
Isn’t he the cutest in his little leg warmers?
Outfit Stats: Blue Onesie (on backwards..thanks dad!) from Old Navy, Leg Warmers were gifted to us used, White socks via Target. Awesome floor blanket was a handmade gift from X’s Grandma!
I loved X in leg warmers and I loved the ease of changing his diaper during the day. But, I didn’t want him to wear the same pair every day and I didn’t want to spend the money on new ones. So, I planned on going the DIY route and bought a couple pairs of cheap and cute socks. 
But, then my super lazy self kicked in and I decided to not sew. So, I just chopped off the bottom of a pair of socks and ended up with this look for my little guy:
Onesie made at my Robot Themed Baby Shower
Outfit Stats: Green onesie from Old Navy a few years ago, Leg Warmers are from a pair of socks from Target
I liked how the socks worked out… especially because the heels made cute little knee pads on the little guy. But, I still had to put socks on him! So, I thought…. why not skip cutting the sock all together! 

It worked! His feet stayed warm as well as his legs. This opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Since I was no longer cutting up the socks used for his leg warmers I got to start using his Dad’s dress socks as daily leg warmers. 
Dad’s socks are a little bit baggier than the socks made for women. 
But, the colors are much more masculine and fun. 
So, that is my quick, easy and LAZY fix for DIY leg warmers. 
And, sorry honey… I guess that pants are not always necessary!

{Real Parties} Activites for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 3

Like I said before…. I thought it was fun to do some tongue in cheek type stuff for the printables. I sat out markers and tags what read “Wishes for Jenni” and let everyone put the wishes on the tree. It was so much fun looking through all the wishes later that evening and the next day.
This was my favorite creation… “Flash Me” 
I sat out cards with instructions and a camera and let everyone else do the work. 
The photos ended up being quite humorous!

“have three people pose like the ‘no evil’ monkeys”
“take a photo of the most stylish person in the room”

Thanks for putting up with all my “Fancy Pants” party posts! This was a lot of fun and I hope you get some great ideas for your next party from the posts.

Check out the other posts from the party! 

Sponsor Spotlight

I’d like to take a moment to draw your attention to the little buttons on the right side of the page under the heading “Sponsors.” As sponsors start getting added to the blog I want to spend a little time each month to highlight the awesome people who sponsor the blog in one way or another.

 March Sponsors of Leave the Laundry for Later 
Kira, from Rain or Shine, was awesome enough to host a blogger button swap.
A little about Kira’s blog:
1. She features awesome baby style posts of her daughter’s fun wardrobe selections.
2. She has one of the funniest series I’ve seen on a blog yet… Portlander Problems.
3. She features great DIY projects including 
 (anyone else think that is the BEST name for an Oregon blog….
and don’t get me started on how cute her header and button are!)


My other blog, A Well Crafted Party, is a place where I put all my party related posts. 
I’m a bit party obsessed…
Check out A Well Crafted Party for inspiration for your next party or to check out my pricing information for personalized designed party products for your next event!

{Real Party} Flavorful Favors for A Fancy Pants Party

This party was a cocktail party…one for adults. So, please excuse the silliness of the above print out. 
I wouldn’t suggest using it for a party with little ones. I’m including the way I made these favors…but, it isn’t exact because I made it up and did it to taste.
Orange Ginger Sea Salt
Sea Salt (I used approximately 2 lbs)
Dried Orange Zest (I used approximately 1/4 cup)
Ground Ginger (I used approximately 2 Tablespoons)

Mix all ingredients together and put in small jars and give away!

We’re In Business

And… we’re in business! 
Get your own Well Crafted Party! 
I’m offering a variety of party packages and individual party supplies. 
Everything right now is currently being offered only as custom designed options. I will eventually have a variety of the most popular parties available in an Etsy store. I’ll let you know when I get there! 
In the mean time… check out my Pricing Information page for guidelines of prices.

Portland Blogger Meet-Up

I’ve been enjoying getting together with other Portland Bloggers for a few months now. 
This past February we had a wonderful meet-up where we chatted about blogging and our lives. 
We also had the chance to do some crafting! Parties and crafting….my kind of day! 
The bloggers in attendance! Photo from Denise at All Things New
Decor provided by Sam of Sam Rosen and Photo from Denise at All Things New

The beautiful Nicole from Nicole Marie Who offered up the event space again this month!
 Photo by Carly of Chic Steals.
Pretty decor! Photo by Carly of Chic Steals
Pretty decor! Photo by Carly of Chic Steals
I love this photo that Carly took of my shoes and tights… love it! 
List of bloggers in attendance:
Me— A Well Crafted Party & Leave the Laundry for Later
Nicole— Nicole Marie Who!?
Carly— Chic-Steals
Sam— Sam Rosen
Olga— Vintage Pretty
Alicia— The Sweet Smith
Danica— Good Heart
Suzannah— Adventures in Dressmaking
Denise—All Things New
Adi—Garden of Edlen
Leslie— Preschool Gems

Are you a Portland Blogger?
Or, are you a Portland based business owner that would like to get in on the next event?

Join us on April, 14 for the next event— A Cocktail Mixer!
I am also looking for sponsors for this next month’s event. If you would like to join us or would like to sponsor the event in some way please contact me!

{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 2

DIY Eye Lash Bar
I thought it would be fun for people to dress up for the party—go a little glam! So, I put together a simple fake eyelash bar for everyone to enjoy. The big important thing to do here is make sure that it is safe and people aren’t sharing items that go near their eye. Ewww…
1. Fake Eyelashes (found mine for $1-$3/set from Target in their Elf line)
2. mascara (I got several two sided mascara wands for $1/piece from the Target Elf line—I then put a sticker on each side so we could tell which side was used)
3. Eye shadow applicators/ liner brushes -OR- makeup application Q-tips
4. Eye shadow
5. Black liner (you can get several pencils or use a cream liner)
6. Sterilized tweezers
7. Make up remover and cotton balls
8. Sterilized eye lash curlers
9. Directions
10. Mirror

These little eyelash sets from the e.l.f. line have a curler and a pair of tweezers. Great idea!
I also put out rubbing alcohol and often went in
 and sterilized the tweezers and eyelash curlers.

Monthly Photos: 7 Months Old

Someone is 7 months old now!! He has two teeth on the bottom and one almost out on top. He is crawling around all over, although it is still a little funky mix of army crawl and scooting. He can sit up all by himself. He loves to chatter about saying, “Mamama,” “Dadada,” and “NyeNyeNye.” I don’t think he realizes what he is saying, but he loves saying it! He takes naps in his crib about 3 times a day. He now only wakes 2 times at night (well, at least for the last week)!

He is a happy little guy!
Click here to see all of X’s Monthly Photos!

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Feeling a Bit Reflective

I remember how I felt graduating high school. I remember my dreams and hopes. 
I had lofty goals of leaving home, becoming a writer, being independent, 
and wearing high heels daily. 
Yep, that was a goal—high heels. 
I went 8 hours away from home for my first year of college. 
I cried every night of my first semester.
I was working two jobs and going to school full time. I was trying to have a life other than school as well. I felt overwhelmed and I missed home. 
The next year I moved back home to finish college at the school from which I eventually graduated. I felt like a failure because I moved back home. But, I loved my life. And, I met the love of my life. 
My goal while in college changed from that from high school some. 
I wanted to become a lifestyle journalist, instead of just a writer. 
I no longer cared about leaving home as much. 
And, as for independence… while something I value, 
I grew to learn the amazing gift that comes with learning to depend on someone who cares for you. 
It wasn’t an easy lesson to learn. And, it changed me. 
I still wore high heels though.
Now, six years later my goals and hopes have changed again. 
I moved across the country, but I wound up working as a bartender and relying heavily on my husband’s financial and moral support for survival. I then became a mother and stay at home mom.
My heels have been swapped out for slippers or tennis shoes most days.
Sometimes I wonder if I did my past self a disservice for not living up to my previous goals. 
My goals never included being a wife or a stay at home mother. 
Isn’t it amazing how life can change you?
Something that I never before imagined for myself, or even wanted for myself, has changed me so entirely. I don’t know what my past self—the self walking across the stage at her high school graduation; the self driving 8 hours to her first year of college; the self that cleaned her house in high heels; or the self that walked into her first day as a paid journalist—would have thought about the woman spending her day playing with her son and cooking dinner for her husband. 
I don’t know what she would have said or thought. But, I know that when I look at my son discovering himself in a mirror or smiling as I walk into his room that 
I am happy with this person I’ve become.

My new goals?
—Teach this amazing little boy as much as I can.
—Help him become the man of his hopes and dreams.
—Be a good wife to my wonderful, supportive husband.
—Be a writer.
—And, wear high heels as much as possible. 😉
How has life changed you? What are your goals?

{Real Party} Activities for a Fancy Pants Party Pt. 1

I like to have a few easy activities for any party. I especially like to have them at cocktail parties where the main activity tends to be drinking and eating. 
I had a few different things for the Fancy Pants Party… I made the signs for the activities a little tongue in cheek. I thought they were funny. I don’t even know if anyone else read them, but I had a lot of fun making them!
I made several “couture” hats for the ladies to wear, tissue paper crowns for the guys, and paper bow ties for anyone who wanted to wear them. 
Tissue Paper Crown DIY
My friend sporting the tissue paper crown and bow tie quite nicely!
1.Measure a tissue paper around your head
2.Cut the tops to points or scallops
3. Tape the two ends together to make crown
*Similar to this DIY from Gracious Rain *
Paper Bow Tie DIY
1. Cut out a bow tie shape from patterned paper (I used different types of scrap book paper)
2. Trace the shape of the bow ties onto the paper with a marker or sharpie
3. Attach a paper clip on the back of the bow tie with tape so that guests can clip on the tie
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