Blogging and child safety

See this guy?

Well, he and my hubby are pretty much IT for me. I have hobbies and passions…but, this year I discovered so much more love and an unreal amount of care for someone(s) other than myself.

So much that I want to write about them and my experiences as a new mom. I want to share with other moms, soon-to-be moms, and everyone else out there what my experience is like. But, if something I wrote ever put them in danger, embarrassed them, or came back to hurt them in some way I would never forgive myself.

As a blog reader, I really enjoy reading about people’s kids and the experiences of blogging moms. I love seeing kiddo photos. I really enjoy birth stories and stories about people’s weekends out and about their towns.

But, how safe is it for blogging moms to post about their kids? Which is what I’d like your opinion on. What do you think is safe and unsafe? What is the line? Should I leave out his photos? Leave out names, birth dates, whereabouts?

I’d love to hear your opinion on this topic. Blogging moms- where do you draw the line? How did you decide? Have you even thought about this?


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