Monthly Archive:: February 2012

Play Dates!: I’m a bad, bad blogger. I went on all kinds of fun
Real Parties Soon I Promise: I’m a bad blogger. I got the amazing opportunity to get some
Kitchen Tip: Easy Pear Prep: Okay, not sure how to say this… But, I have a great
Just some things I thought you’d like: I wanted to share a few things I’ve discovered today that made
Nursery Tour: Orange and Robots: My nursery (from when I was a baby) was made with love
Blogging and child safety: See this guy? Well, he and my hubby are pretty much IT
Happy Valentine’s Day: I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! Mine was filled
Valentine’s Day blog take-over!: Hi, this is Jenni’s husband, Brian. I know Jenni’s password, and I’m
Outfit Post: Crayola Inspired: I loved this outfit… Well, until I saw the photos afterwards. But,
Monthly Photos: Six Months Old: I’m taking photos every month my little guy gets older.  (Idea comes
Making Beets Better: I’m not a big fan of beets.  I’m trying…. and, I know
Catching Up!: I was fortunate enough to receive a great freelance job that I
Catching Up!: I was lucky enough to get a contract job that I had
Weekend Update: Beets, Bloggers, and a Baby: It was a busy, busy weekend. I was actually looking forward to