Play Dates!

Play Dates!

I’m a bad, bad blogger. I went on all kinds of fun play dates these past couple of weeks and didn’t take a single photo! All those cute babies and not a single photo-for shame.

X and I met Kira of Rain or Shine, and her lovely little lady P at Cafe Au Play this past week. The two littles had fun looking at each other and babbling away. Cafe Au Play was an awesome, kid-friendly spot for a play date. I was impressed by how easy they made it to be out with the kids. I also loved not feeling overwhelmed by X’s not-so-quiet self drawing attention to us in the middle of a coffee shop! The other patrons expected it and even thought it was cute!

X telling mommy how much fun he had on his playdate. At least that is what I assumed he was saying.

Over this past weekend X went to Gymboree Play and Learn and played with all kinds of new toys. He lit up with excitement from all the songs, playing, bright colors, and other babies. We really had a good time and can’t wait to go again. I’d highly suggest the gym for other moms looking for some activities to do with their little bitty babes.

Today X and I got to meet with Adi from Garden of Edlen, and her baby J! The boys are super close in age. They were so sweet together trying to give each other kisses.

Of course X then got fussy due to teething and tiredness. I don’t know anything that can make me feel so utterly disheveled as searching in my bag for something my son needs while he is crying in public! I was quite relieved when he finally sacked out right there on the couch in the coffee shop! Afterwards X told me how much he liked Baby J- just look at his grin!

We went to Urban Grind in NW because it kept coming up as a kid-friendly joint on my google searches. And, while everyone was super nice, (especially with X totally making a ruckus) I didn’t find it to be overly kid-friendly. For one thing the bathroom didn’t have a changing table! (maybe the table was in the bathroom that was out of order?) I’m looking forward to many more playdates in the future!

What is your favorite place to bring your little ones on a play date? Any great tips for calming a little one in public?

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Real Parties Soon I Promise

Real Parties Soon I Promise

I’m a bad blogger. I got the amazing opportunity to get some freelance (PAYING) writing gigs and I’ve been swamped. It makes me sad to be missing out on blogging time though, because I actually have several real party posts to write about!

Here is a sneak peek of the upcoming real party posts:

Fancy Pants Birthday Party

Woodland Baby Shower

Valentine’s Day Blogger Meet-Up

And, a party I’m working on: A Hunger Games Birthday Party

So, I’ll totally be back soon. I’m just tired of writing. I still love you and parties though.

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Kitchen Tip: Easy Pear Prep

Kitchen Tip: Easy Pear Prep

Okay, not sure how to say this… But, I have a great tip on how to core (de-seed?) a pear. It’s so super easy. I saw it on a tv show a while back and thought it was brilliant. And, it is.

I forget what show I saw it on– sorry!

Tools: peeler, knife, melon baller, and ripe pears

1. Peel the pears
2. Cut the ends off the pears and then slice in half
3. Use the melon baller in the seeded area of the pear.

Easy peasy!

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