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So, this post on Hyperbole and a Half is a perfectly good example of what has been going on with me lately. The last couple of months threw me for a loop. I’m not quite on the other side of things yet.
And, I’ve been doing a lot of holding my little guy as he sleeps (sometimes the only way he will sleep now that he is teething). It made me smile to see Under the Sycamore’s sweet post about something similar.
I changed my iPhone background to this freebie from Oops, I Craft My Pants
Hopefully it will remind me to BE PRESENT. (Maybe it will also remind me to put my phone DOWN at times and be more in the actual moment rather than the virtual one.)
A new project I’ve been working on that has made me really appreciate great blog names.
I mean seriously, check out these blog names:
(Another great blog name.)
I think my one-word goal for 2012 would be FINISH.
I have so many projects, goals and plans to finish. So many things I’m so very close to being done with, but have pushed off the finish line because life got in the way. 
I’m also working with the word CREATIVE this year. I have a goal to be Creative Daily. 
I thought of this a few months back after being inspired by Alisa Burke (she now has a class called Creative Daily.) I’m starting nice and easy in January by participating in a photo challenge on Instagram. 
Oh, and parties… I’m still having them, enjoying them and photographing them. I just haven’t gotten around to posting about them. Throwing parties takes time and money (both of which I had more of before baby). I will (hopefully) get back to posting about parties very soon. 
I think I may have to institute a monthly ladies night in the style of Eat Drink Pretty
I’m in need of some serious girl time. 
If you are in the Portland area and want to be invited to future Girl Time events… e-mail me!
  1. Melissa Allott
  2. Kira
  3. Kacie @ A Collection of Passions
  4. Laura Ann
  5. M.M.E.

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