Dear Readers: A Plea for Blogging Help!

—Dear Readers—

I’m about to have a baby. My first baby… a little guy that has already pulled me from the blog a bit. But, I’d really like to keep things rolling on here! So, I’m asking for your help. I’d love to run a month long string of posts from readers and other bloggers from the week my babe is due. I’d like to get things all set up before D-Day hits, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be thinking very little about the blog once I see my little man’s face for the very first time. 🙂

If you already have a blog/website then I’d love to feature some of your 
work in any of the following areas: 
Motherhood (ie Mommy Mondays)
Parties/Events-Real, in the making, photo shoots
When running your blog’s work you will have a featured day that introduces you, your blog and your post. I will then run a button for your blog (if provided) along the sidebar of my blog for the week following your post! 
If you are a reader that wants to shareI’d love to feature your real party!!! Just send along your photos and any details you can about the party so that I can share your party fabulousness with everyone who reads my blog.  
Do you have any party questions you’d like answered? Please e-mail me (or leave the Qs in the comment section so that I can develop posts to help answer some of those Qs!
Thank You for your Help!
Leave your information in the comments section and I will e-mail you
-OR- feel free to e-mail me at:

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