Packing for the Hospital

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Well, it is here… I’m 36 weeks. He can come any day now and my doc won’t stop him from coming. (Although, we all hope he makes it another couple of weeks to grow a bit stronger.)

But, since I am here at the possible last month of pregnancy it is now time to pack our hospital bags and get them in the car. I’ve read the checklists and tried to figure out what I would need for my first birth. I assembled my own sort of list (which I am sharing today)
but, would love your advice! 
We have 3 bags (my bag, my hubby’s bag and the baby’s bag) that are going to the hospital with us along with my Boppy, laptop and purse. I still have a few things to clean and pack away and then we’ll also have the last minute items of chargers and other such electronics. But, overall it is almost done!

 What I Packed: 
*For During Labor*
—Birthing Gown (Didn’t want to wear the hospital one)
— Robe
— Chapstick
—Hair Ties
—Ipod stocked with music
—Mints and Hard Candies
 *For After Birth*
— Nursing Tops
—Nursing Bra
—Nursing Pads 
—Industrial Sized Pads
—Makeup (I just bought a whole new basic set to keep in the bag)
—Contacts/Contact Solution (Will Grab Glasses Last Minute)
—Hair Dryer
—Going Home Outfit (that will fit my big bloated self)

Hubby’s Bag: 
—Comfortable Clothing for two nights/days
—Laptop & Phone filled with games/entertainment/books
—Binder with Must Call list, birth plan (with extra copies), insurance information, directions to hospital from several different areas, list of area restaurants near hospital
—Gifts for Nurses (see below for more info)
—Banner from baby shower to put in room that says, “Welcome Small Human”

The Lil Guy’s Bag: 
 —One Swaddling Cloth
—1 Baby Blanket
—A couple pairs of socks (one for his little hands)
— Diapers (we are doing gDiapers so we wanted to have some with us)
— Small Stuffed Animal
— Button on shirts
—Going home outfit
—Also will have car seat in car—

In my last Mommy Monday post I wrote about how we are bringing Thank You gifts for our nurses and those people that help us during our labor and delivery. We packed 5 of them and made them look super cute with a printable. I thought I’d upload the printable for anyone who wanted to use them! They say, “Thank you for taking care of us on this special day!” 

*What did you find that you needed or 
didn’t need when you went to the hospital?*

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