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If you are a fan of the Love in Blossom photoshoot that I featured a while back…
 (and that was featured on Hostess with the Mostess)

then you were possibly waiting for these DIY posts!

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Well…with no further hullabaloo…

DIY Cherry Blossom Chopstick Holders

I’m a big fan of chopstick holders. I have a whole collection of really adorable ones that I use whenever setting a table with chopsticks. So, for this party I wanted to have some fun DIY holders that could also serve the purpose of a place card. These blossoms are made from just printing out a free printable and following some simple directions.

Cherry Blossom Printable PDF

(Click the Above Link to Get the PDF)
Pink Cardstock
Scissors or Exacto Knife
Hot Glue & Glue Gun
Pen or Pencil
Calligraphy Pen

Step One:
Print the Cherry Blossom PDF on pink card-stock.

Step Two

Cut Out blossoms and stands using scissors or Exacto Knife.

Step Three

Fold stands on dotted lines.

Glue the solid dot to the empty dot on the opposite side of the stand.
This will create a triangle shaped stand.

Step Four
Use the calligraphy pen to write guest’s names on each blossom.

Step Five

Curl the edges of the blossoms using a pen or pencil.

Step Six

Glue each blossom to a stand at the flower image on the stand to the back of the blossom.
Rest chopsticks on the Cherry Blossom Chopstick Holders.

Note: If your do not like your handwriting you can add text in each blossom within an Adobe Reader, Illustrator or Photoshop.


to Hostess With the Mostess for featuring this DIY
and to Capturing Grace Photography for taking such beautiful photos!

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