{Recipe} Bailey’s Milkshake Shots

Last week I posted one of my husband’s past birthday parties–
A Sesame Street Themed party for the young at HEART only. For readers looking for a cocktail option that would fit this theme read on for a Bailey’s Milkshake Shot recipe!
I posted a few fun treats that I made including these fun Cookie Monster Cupcakes:
AND, these Bailey’s Milkshake Shots
Well, after the post I received this lovely comment:
And, I thought I would oblige and give everyone the super easy Bailey’s Milkshake Shot Recipe.
See, in my not so free time (in other words… the job that pays the bills) I am a bartender.
(Long story short: Went to school for journalism. Scored sweet editor gig right out of college for small paper. Small paper folded after a few months and I was out of a job. Years of waiting tables landed me a job the day after I lost my other job… been workin’ it ever since.)
This is a REALLY easy recipe that can be spiced up a few ways. The basic “Bailey’s Milkshake Shot” is actually just a very small Bailey’s Milkshake poured into small glasses and topped with cookies. I’ll leave  you the batch recipe and then I’ll also leave a few variations that I used to make (before the little guy happened to take residence in my womb.)
Bailey’s Milkshake
(Only for those readers 21 years and older!)
Serves 3 regular 8oz-12oz sized glasses or several smaller glasses.
3 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
4 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 cup milk (add more or less for desired thickness)
1 blender
Put ingredients (except milk) in blender and blend til smooth.
Add milk while blending to get desired consistency.
*For a non-alcoholic version try an Irish Cream syrup that you can usually find in the
coffee aisle of the grocery store! *
I like to serve in smaller glasses because this is a very rich treat.
Top with a cookie for a “cookies with milk” feeling for adults!
Some things I’ll add on occasion:
—A dark chocolate syrup swirl around the inside of the glass to
give it just a little bit of a bitter taste with the richness of the shake.
— I’ll cut out half of the Bailey’s Irish Cream and substitute an equal part of Kahlua coffee liqueur. I’ll then top the whole thing off with whipped cream and a chocolate covered coffee bean!
—If I’m feeling super creative I’ll replace with three ounces of liquor with one ounce Bailey’s Irish Cream, one ounce Tuaca and one ounce espresso and top with whipped cream and maybe some cocoa powder. Super tasty! (Of course, I love anything with Tuaca—a vanilla-citrus liqueur!)~*~

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  1. those cookie monster cupcakes are awesome!

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    Um, yes please! Sounds delish – I’m off to find some Bailey’s!


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