{Mommy Monday} 32 Weeks and feeling very LARGE

I’m going to get a little personal today.
(I promise to bring you lots of light-hearted, fun party posts very soon.. maybe I’ll even do one today.)
I can’t sleep. I have constant heartburn. I’m way too emotional and stressed for my own good. I can’t do anything as quickly or as effectively as I used to be able to. I’m struggling with trying to eat healthy and exercising. I’m struggling with feeling READY for this. 
Sometimes when he moves a lot I just feel like throwing up.
And, on top of it all… 
every complaint I have about being pregnant makes me feel SO guilty
A slightly blurry photo that shows exactly how I feel a LOT lately.
My husband and I planned on this pregnancy… 
but, it took much longer to get here than we thought it would. 
Month after month (after MONTHS) of disappointment and hearing about our friends getting pregnant left and right was so hard on us (more specifically, me).
I wanted so badly wanted to be pregnant and I am SO excited about meeting my son. 
But, I suck at BEING pregnant. 
And, on days like today (those days when I am feeling HUGE and irritable)
I feel so guilty for not being more “into” pregnancy. 
I feel so thankful to have him growing strong inside of me… 
but, I am so ready to meet him and have him here!
(And I still have 8 more weeks til due date!)
**Thanks for reading and hopefully someone out there understands this crazy feeling.**
This last couple of weeks I had a couple of scares with contractions and pains. 
(Which is part of the reason I haven’t been blogging much.) 
It put me a little behind on getting ready for the Beer before Baby party. I was plenty stressed out… but, it really came together in the end. Also, my lovely friends threw a beautiful baby shower for me the same day, so we had a wonderful day of celebration for my little man.
I committed the #1 sin for a party blogger and didn’t take photos at EITHER of the parties other than a couple on my iPhone… hopefully my friends will send me some photos soon so I can post all about the parties this upcoming week. I will share a few of my iPhone photos though!
And, no worries… these were all taken on my good days!
The guest book, invite and favors at my shower. The favors were adorable robot lollipops!
“Welcome Small Human”— perfect banner for a robot themed baby shower. I think this one is going up in the hospital room!
An amazing painting from a friend for my nursery!
Photo sent to me of my friend Joan getting things ready for the party.
A quick shot of the food table from the “Beer before Baby” party.
Our Belly photograph at the Beer Before Baby party.
So, a LOT of really good times while being pregnant as well. 
I am so very thankful for this amazing opportunity to have a baby with the man in the photo above. 
Thanks for letting me vent the not so good times as well. 
Any good pregnancy stories to get me 
through the next few weeks!?!

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    figure out ways to cut down on stress. do something just for fun (get a chai tea latte and read a non-baby book, take a bubble bath with lots of bubbles…)You ARE ready and you are the perfect momma for that little boy to have!! You’re so close 😀

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    This little man you are about to have is SO LUCKY to have such wonderful parents! I agree with Sarah. You need to do something fun, relaxing and NOT baby related! You ARE ready and you are going to be such a WONDERFUL mommy! I love you with all my heart!


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