My Summertime Goals

Do you read A Beautiful Mess
{I do… I love it.}
It is one of those blogs that I’m glad she updates often because I get SO excited every time there is a new post. Elsie (the blog creator) is so prolific, creative and FUN. I’d love to meet her IRL. 
Anywho… now that I’ve shown you who I blog stalk let me get to the point of this post…
Last week Elsie posted her Summertime Goals which inspired me to post mine.
(I’m a to-do list JUNKIE and was happy to see that Elsie also journals in a blank journal that gives her room to doodle… so, I immediately went to doodling my own summertime goals.)
excuse my iPhone photo of my journal… if you can’t read just look below!
My Summertime Goals:
{Or, really, my summertime to do list.}
1. Finish House Preparation for Baby I know I have been talking about baby a lot lately but, really, that is the BIGGEST thing going on in my life right now. I have SO much to do in preparation for the baby including re-organizing my craft and entertaining areas, finding a good storage and work area for my husband’s beer brewing equipment, clearing out our guest closet, baby proofing house and finishing the nursery. Have I mentioned he is due in 2 months!?! 2. Save more $$$$ Well, this is a no-brainer. Babies are expensive and I will not be working for three months and then be going back to work very part time… we need a little bit more of a cushion than we have now. Simple as that. 3. Buy tickets & Make plans for Oklahoma trip My family live in Oklahoma… last year my grandmother (one of the most amazing women on this planet) suffered a stroke and can no longer travel. If there is one MUST DO it is to bring my little man to meet her and my grandfather as well as the rest of the fam. Traveling with an infant seems incredibly daunting to me (not to mention the cost of traveling after having said baby). So, I need to get on this task/goal pretty quickly. 4. Prep blog for time off— This goal is essential… I am having SO much fun blogging and it has turned into an amazing space for me to share creatively. But, I am NOT so good at being pregnant and keeping up with blogging, so I fear having an infant and blogging. I’m lining up people for guest posts and working on some scheduled posts that will run when I am not able to blog. Currently I blog very in the moment so this is a toughy. I do have some fun GIVEAWAY opportunities that I am getting excited about so hopefully that will help keep the blog a runnin’. BTW- IF YOU ARE A BLOGGER AND WOULD LIKE TO SHARE A GUEST POST PLEASE GET IN CONTACT WITH ME!!!  5. Have Baby. SURVIVE. Love on Him!— This is my favorite of my goals for several reasons… one of which is that I really don’t have to work too hard to make this one happen now. He is a comin’! I’m scared of birth and of hospitals, so that part will be some work. Loving on him is the one thing I’ve been dreaming about the most these past few months. I think the hard part about this will be to do anything other than love on him.
Well, thanks for reading my summertime goals. 
What are your summertime goals?
You can leave your goals in comments {OR} if you have a blog and 
post them then put a link in the comments and I will read them there!

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    oh my! You have big goals….
    mine is keep my garden from dieing and keep my house clean! 🙂
    go to the beach and relax? That’s a good one too.. we live fairly close to Lake Michigan.

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    I love your doodling…I found a BUNCH of notes from you from HS last summer and so many fun doodles 🙂 Sounds like a good summer–don’t be scared of birth, your body is made for it!! You’ll do great 🙂

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