Anniversary Vacation and Babymoon update

I’ve been really, REALLY busy lately. 
And, I can’t quite nail down exactly one thing that I’ve been working on so 
that I can share projects with you. (YET)
I’ve got a ton of party related items coming to you very soon—
including a GIVEAWAY…
But, today I wanted to update you on what I’ve been up to so far this busy, busy June.
Anniversary Vacation/ Babymoon
The hubby and I celebrated our 5-year anniversary by having a bit of a 
staycation right here in Portland, OR. 
We were able to really enjoy ourselves at a nice hotel on the Waterfront, spending the days acting like tourist in our town and eating at fabulous restaurants in the evenings. 
Pot of chocolate with caramel and sea salt at The Melting Pot
Pioneer Square currently has an amazing flower display… yep, that is the world (at least part of it!)
Portland’s Rose Festival has a City Fair every year and this is the first year we’ve attended. Such fun!
Watermelon Gazpacho at Aquariva. Can’t recommend ENOUGH!
Hubby and Me at dinner.
Enjoying a Virgin Bloody Mary at Brunch at Aquariva. YUMMY!
I didn’t think about the blog or my many to-do lists once this past weekend! 
(kind of amazing for me)
I did however take a picture for Stripe Mania.
Me in stripes at Pioneer Square
Don’t you just love stripes this year!?!
(Part of me is excited that I can wear them and not really care that they make me look wider!)
It was a rejuvenating weekend and I would suggest a good staycation to anyone who is a couple of months away from having a little one. I loved that I didn’t have to spend hours traveling. We spent the whole weekend taking a trip down memory lane and making new memories. Such a special time!

What have you been up to so far in June?

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    • kira
    • June 10, 2011

    We did that one year for our anniversary as well. We stayed at the Hotel Deluxe and visited all of our favorite downtown spots. It was great! Sounds like you guys had a great time on yours as well.

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