{Working on It Wednesday} Beer Before Baby Party

I’ve decided to create a new “series” here on A Well Crafted Party.
(Series tend to help keep me on track with my posting…)
So, welcome to the very first
{Working on It Wednesday}
This series will be featured on Wednesdays (duh) and will include inspiration boards and projects for upcoming parties… parties that I am “working on.”
So, with no further ado… one of the parties that I’ve been working on is a 
Beer Before Baby
Party for my hubby
So, while I’m enjoying a fun baby shower he will get a party all for him and his friends to taste beers and gather advice on how to be a father. I figured he’d have some fun with a beer tasting with friends before he has to come straight home every evening to be with me and an infant. 🙂
Why did I decide on beer? Well, the boy LOVES beer. He loves it so much that he dabbles in home-brewing and blogging about home-brewing. (Check it out… we’re a blogging family)

I’ve been working on the {INSPIRATION} for this party and keeping track of everything on Pinterest
My new FAVORITE social networking site.

BTW… if you don’t follow me on Pinterest and want to please do—I’d love to follow you.
Don’t have an account and want an invite?
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Pinterest Board for Beer Before Baby Party:

Some of my favorites from the board above:

Think the hubby will take a photo like this? Probably not… but, maybe with a little bit of a change I can get something similar! 

Source: ffffound.com via Jenni on Pinterest

I LOVE this party that was featured on Pizzazzerie.com

I think I need to buy this print for the party and the guest of honor!
Source: etsy.com via Jenni on Pinterest
One of my favorite photographers recently did photos of local breweries for a job and her blog… I can’t wait to buy a few prints for the party!

Thanks for visiting the blog today and I hope you like the 
{Working on it Wednesday} 
idea and post.
I’ll try to keep it up with updates on current parties I’m working on. If you’d like to be a {guest blogger} here on A Well Crafted Party for one of my series then please check out 
my CONTACT page and e-mail me—I’d LOVE to feature you!

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  1. Fabulous, fun theme, and I love the direction you’re going. Can’t wait to see the final product!

  2. Great idea…I’m also married to an amateur brewer, and I’m sure he’d love the party! I wrote a post some time ago focusing on the food and good pairings for various types of beer. It might be helpful to you – http://www.secondcitysoiree.com/index/2009/8/26/beer-pairing-party.html

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