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Growing up I loved my Barbies. I had hundreds of them and my dad even made me a custom built, HUGE Barbie house. So, when my friend Jill told me she was surprising her daughter with a Barbie party this year I couldn’t wait to help out with some pink, black and white printables for the party.

Some Free Printables created using the Barbie font from DaFont.Com

Now, this wasn’t just ANY Barbie party. Jill had decided to wait to allow her daughter to own Barbie dolls until she felt that she was old enough to have them. Of course her daughter, Ella, had been asking for them for quite a while before Jill decided that it was time. So, Jill really wanted to surprise her with the theme and didn’t let on at all!

Check out how happy she looks!

Jill sent me some photos from the party (she lives in my home state of Oklahoma and I’m far away in Oregon so I couldn’t attend) as well as some hints she found useful in planning and executing the party.
I love that this party is a perfect example how a REAL mom can through a beautiful party on a REAL budget. And, of course, it is all about the special details!

The details from Jill:
1. Packaging tape is exactly as wide as a party circle, and just almost wide enough to totally cover a party “square.” It works great to attach them to cups!
2. Haiwaiin punch comes in every color for about $3 to match any kids party. 

3.  I got big pink roses at the $1 jewelry store (that’s really  the name of it) for $1 each. I intended to use them to swag a black and white polka dot tablecloth. But apparently cotton has gone up, because it was $6/yard! Not what I wanted to spend $30 on, so I  skipped it in favor of more pink for $2.
4. The Dollar Tree has great disposable table cloths. You can stick your party squares, then roll up and toss the mess with no $$ guilt.

I love this use of the party circle printables!

5. The lid to the case of copy paper holds cupcakes for even the craziest of drives. (like late, locked out of my house, pot holes, etc. It was a wild day!)
6. When ordering a Barbie cake, reuse lid from above to stabilize that cake. It will not survive the same drive.
7. Offer to bring your own doll for the cake – saved me $10. And because I love my baker, they threw in the glitter/shimmer spray.

8. Hiring college kids to dress up for kids parties is great. They love kids, they love 20 bucks, and the kids love it too. Ella is still talking about how Barbie came to her party. And she knows Sammi!  lol

I love that Barbie came to visit her for the party!

9. I gave Ella $30 and sent her to the Dollar Tree party section. She got tons of favors for the kids, all for what I would’ve maybe gotten 10 things or so at a party store. And when she handed them out, she was sure to proudly tell them that she picked the prizes. I always have her hand out the goody bags at the door so she can say thanks for coming and give bye hugs. And they were hilarious – not themed at all. Pixie sticks, watches, color your own stickers, plastic snakes, princess hair clips, you name it.

Lastly, Jill hosted the party at a local bounce house so the kids would have some built in entertainment. I love this idea because I’ve seen so many kids get even more excited about a birthday party because it is somewhere they are already familiar with and a place they can associate with FUN! Her advice for a Bounce House party:

“When having a bounce house party, don’t forget: 1.  Include the waiver cards with your invites (I did) and 2. to bring extra socks. I brought extras for the kids (which they sell for $1/pair there) and some brightly colored ones for the adults. I set them out on a table in the bounce area with kid-sized bottled water in a little box. Adults often think about bringing the kids’ socks and try to sneak out of bouncing because they “forgot socks” (I’ve done this; I’m on to them). Then your kids are having so much fun you can’t resist! And bright colors are fun, and ensure you make it home with your own neon socks.”

Look how happy she is!!!

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    • Jill W
    • May 4, 2011

    I made the blog, I made the blo…og….

    Just wait until you see the tea party Miss Ella just hosted!

  1. aw this is so pretty!..I want a barbie party too..lol

  2. Reply

    Wait!!! Ella is already FOUR!?!?

    She is so pretty!!!! What a GREAT party!!!

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