{Mommy Monday} 6 months down!

Okay, obviously this pregnancy has hindered my ability to blog. Let me give props to some amazing pregnant bloggers that seem to be able to keep up with this whole body take-over with
style and pizazz:
  • Kari from Kari+Nathan— not only has she kept up posting during most of her pregnancy, but she has also done a “Mommy in the Making Monday” post for WEEKS now that I look forward to every Monday. She has inspired my Mommy Monday Posts even though the format will be different. I’m really looking forward to seeing her posts after the baby is born!
  • Kelly from Sewing in No Man’s Land— This lady is AMAZING. Not only does she have THREE little ones already, but she is pregnant with her fourth and is constantly posting new patterns, tutorials and images to her lovely blog. She is making me SO excited about sewing for my little one. Oh, and she is living abroad as the wife of a Foreign Service officer! Her blog is really a treat to read.
  • Nicole from Making it Lovely— Okay, so she isn’t pregnant anymore… but, she was consistently surprising me with wonderful posts of lovely decor and images during her pregnancy. Now she is still updating the blog constantly with BEAUTIFUL images of her little ones. Definitely check out her monthly photos of her little ones: Eleanor and August.
Seriously, how do these ladies do it!?!
I think I am finally at a place where I can start blogging more consistently again. I have plenty of posts and ideas up my sleeve, but have just NOT had the energy to even pick up my computer.
One of the things I’m trying to post about is the pregnancy itself… which is why I am introducing
{Mommy Monday}
Mommy Monday will be a time for me to discuss the pregnancy, my concerns and some fun photos. I really LOVE hearing about other parent’s experiences and welcome any comments and advice!
Today I’ve finally hit the 6 Month mark! Whoohoo!!!
At 24 weeks pregnant we now know the sex of our little munchkin, have started getting things together for the nursery and are reading a TON of material hoping to prep for the birth and baby.

I’ve decided to try to take semi-weekly photos of my growing baby after being
inspired by these lovely images {even more lovely images if you click the link to the left}:
Source: None via Jenni on Pinterest


Obviously, if I haven’t been feeling like blogging much I also haven’t
been up to taking a TON of photos…
but, I did take a few and have been much better about it during these past few weeks.
Here is what I have so far:
“12 Weeks— You are just a little one yet. I was happy to see you were a human and
not an alien creature.”
“13 Weeks— In just a week you made my belly grow a full two inches.
Someone even asked me if I was pregnant this week.”
“18 Weeks—We found out you are a BOY! We cannot wait to welcome you, our SON, to our family!”
“21 Weeks— I got my ‘Mom’ haircut this week. You are certainly making yourself known…kicking up a storm
and already keeping me up at night!”
“22 Weeks— Your dad and I are excited about showing you cherry blossoms next year.
We have SO much we want to show you!”
“24 Weeks— We got your crib this week. We also started the process of getting your room ready.
We sure do hope you like it.”

Well, that is where we are right now!
Thank you for following the break to look at all these silly photos. I am thrilled to be having a baby boy and am hopeful that I will be able to keep up with him and this blog.

I will continue to update about the pregnancy in my {Mommy Monday} posts. I plan to add some of the nursery projects, questions about being a mom and preparation updates to these posts.

Of course the inspiration behind {Mommy Monday} came from my constant reading of
Kari+Nathan‘s Mommy in the Making Monday posts. I have loved the idea of updating about the pregnancy once a week and really like alliteration (see Friday Finds)… so, I hope you enjoy my {Mommy Monday} posts and give Kari’s blog some love as well!

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