New Blog Design

New Blog Design

If you are checking out this page in your reader then move over to the actual site so you can see my lovely new Blog design created for me by Smitten Blog Design!

I can’t explain how happy I am with the design and with the entire process. I got to work with a fabulous and accommodating designer to get a site that I couldn’t have imagined. Thank you ladies from Smitten Blog Design!

I am also well on my way to keeping my blog resolutions this year! Number one on my list was all about changing the blog design. Hey, and January isn’t even over yet!

Please let me know what you think of the design so I can send your props over to the ladies at Smitten Blog Design!

Another post coming very soon. Have a great day!

Written by Jenni

Jenni is a freelance writer and media assistant based in Portland, OR. A Well Crafted Party is a blog about all the little things to celebrate in life. Follow Jenni or A Well Crafted Party with BlogLovin, RSS feed, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.

  • Genevieve says:

    I love the new design!

  • TheGolden says:

    It is elegant, and classy. I like the dotted line around the logo. It looks like stitching or a pattern to cut out. The icons for the difference sections cool, but seem somewhat unrelated to the specific content, even though they definitely fit the theme of the blog. I don’t have a better idea though. I kind of feel like it could use more color, but it would probably just be distracting and I would then think it needed less. The purple is sophisticated but also universal, and the pattern straddles the line between upscale and down-home quite well. The way the font looks hand-written is nice. Bravo.

  • Alicia says:

    I like the toned down color palette. I do notice some pixelization in the black around your letters, though. It may just be that my monitor is super-rad and shows too much detail, but I think it’s there. All in all a very mature new design and I am pretty jealous, Jenni. 🙂

  • JenniB says:

    Thank you all for your comments! I greatly appreciate them and I am sure the ladies at Smitten Blog Design do as well!

  • jackie fo says:

    I reallllly like this new design – the purple stripes are fabulous but not too busy!

  • Amanda says:

    Simple and beautiful!

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