My Crazy Life

So, I have a lot of fantastic ideas for posts and have been working on them all… not to mention the 3000 other things I have to do this December. 🙂

I was so incredibly inspired by this post from Love Stitched. I mean… If the writer of a blog and company that I admire so much really does have a house and to-do list that look like mine then I might not be as crazy as I think I am.

So, what I’ve been doing…
I designed and made a dress out of an old table cloth for my upcoming birthday. I’m REALLY happy with how it came out, but certainly under-estimated the amount of time it’d take.
Pictures and possibly a tutorial to come soon!
I made a Christmas Tree out of chicken wire and cloth.
Yet another project that took much more time than I originally planned… but, it is so ADORABLE.
More pics and a tutorial to come soon!
 I bought a dresser after living here for 4  years… you have no idea how happy this purchase made me! This photo was taken during the marathon session of trying to get this and a few other objects together. Now to cleaning and re-organizing our house.
Stayed out of the kitchen because my husband was bottling his second batch of homemade beer.
He made this one for me! (A Cranberry Hefeweizen for the holidays!)
If you (or someone you know) is interested in home brewing then check out his Blog, Bost Beer.

So, that has been my month so far… what have you been up to?

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    oh my gosh! i want to see the pics of the tree you made…sounds awesome! I’ve been thinking about doing a wreath in a similar way, but its been sitting in my ever-growing to do pile! Your pics will inspire me!

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