Friday Finds: Thanksgiving Inspiration via Magazines

Yesterday I traveled from my current home in Portland, OR to the home I grew up in Shawnee, OK. What that means for me is hours of traveling via Train, Plane and Automobile. What it also means for me is the purchasing of traveling reads!
I love magazines. I mean, like, LOVE. I got my degree in print journalism and worked for newspapers for a bit… but, my heart has always been in the magazine area of the art. I would buy magazines everyday if I could possibly afford it… and subscriptions would be in my mailbox every time I open it! Well, my bank account and my apartment space does not allow me to purchase magazines nearly as often as I like. As a matter of fact, I really don’t buy them at all day to day. (Although, Martha’s Living Magazine and Wedding Magazine both get an exception to this rule.) When I travel, on the other hand, I get to purchase magazines… both on the trip there and the trip back!
On my trip yesterday there was a buy three get one free deal that I just couldn’t pass up. So, my FOUR new magazines and the beautiful little November issue of Martha Stewart Living that arrived in my mailbox the day before my trip went home with me. Today’s “Friday Finds” are dedicated to these print beauties. (All of the magazines I’m featuring are the November 2010 issues of the respective publication.) Enjoy what I found fun about each of these magazines and go out and buy an issue!

Photo Source via What Were the Skies Like
In-Issue Fantastic Finds: Besides the outrageously good thanksgiving ideas this magazine was made extra special with fantabulous pie recipes and an entire section on brunch. As I really, really like both pie and brunch (sometimes pies at brunches) this magazine was for me. Also, I always enjoy reading Martha’s column and this month is no exception. She writes about the camera equipment she uses as well as the way she takes care of her digital images. Fantastic information and some equipment shots that make me swoon.
image via MarthaStewart.Com
I’m going to make this Apple Custard Pie as soon as possible. 
The crust is a crunchy next of shredded phyllo. YUM!
image via
In-Issue Fantastic Finds: This issue (and the Martha issue) both featured the adorable little pie birds seen on the cover of this magazine. I didn’t know what a pie bird was until reading these magazines but now I must have several of them. (Basically, you put them in the pie to let off steam while baking.) This issue also had a super interesting article called “The Great Thanksgiving Cook-Off” featuring 5 different chef’s versions of a classic Thanksgiving meal. Each meal had to include turkey, stuffing, potatoes, cranberries and one wild-card option. I’ve already got so many ideas for this year’s Thanksgiving!
Pie Birds
image via
In-Issue Fantastic Finds: This must be the season for pie. BHG’s “Life of Pie” article just blew my socks off. Pastry chef Alan Carter gives fantastic tips on creating pies as well as delicious crust and filling recipes. Do your custard pies fall and slide after you bake them? Well, Carter fixes it in a jiffy. Do your apple pies sink in the center? Carter tells you how to bake them tall. 

Image via
The one thing I’m trying out first? Carter’s Perfect Pie Crust. Beauty, isn’t it!? 

Couldn’t find a cover shot!
In-Issue Fantastic Finds: Now, this issue is full of Thanksgiving amazingness. Did you know the best wine pairing for most traditional Thanksgiving dishes is a Syrah? Well, you do now because of Food & Wine. They also have recommendations! But, my favorite part of this issue was in the “Trendspotting” section of the magazine. They did an entire spread on amazing vegetarian foods (as well as several fun vegetarian facts). I love meat (like a lot)… but, I really like finding fun vegetarian options for several different reasons: 1. I have friends who don’t eat meat 2. I like to eat local, organic meat as much as possible and it is expensive 3. I feel better eating less meat so I try to supplement our evening meals with vegetarian ones a few days a week. 
Image Via Food&Wine
I can’t wait to make this Parsnip Bacon for toppings on salads and soups.
It is supposed to have a nice smoky, salty taste to it! (And, a lot of the vegetarians I know wish that they could have the taste of bacon without the animal involved.)
Image Via Sally Benedict Blog
In-Issue Fantastic Finds: I had so many food centered magazines that I had to get something else. I immediately was drawn to this issue with the beautiful cover and fun font. But, after I read “The Ultimate Entertaining Issue” I had to buy it. It is a fantastic issue and beautifully shot. My favorite article was the “101 Party Do’s and Don’ts.” It was 101 tips from event gurus/ party throwers across the nation. I loved how sometimes the tips and advice contradicted each other… it just goes to show you that there is no set rules when it comes to entertaining. Sometimes you’ve just gotta do what fits for you and yours. 
No. 52
Don’t take yourself too seriously. 
Anything goes these with your
table decor and menu,
so have fun.
—Tobi Fairley, Designer

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    Oooh, pie porn. I suspect this is my favorite time of year mostly because it’s an excuse to make many many pies. I guess I have some magazines to go buy!

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    I’m pretty obsessed with magazines myself and now I want to head out and get those. Guess it means I’ll have to head to the gym so I can earn some extra ones.

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