6 Days until Halloween! Party Planning Update

There are only 6 days until Halloween!!!
(5 days until my party–YIKES!)
The state of my dining room at the moment.
So, I’ll need to ask your forgiveness as I use the blog as a party planning space for my upcoming party. Any advice, ideas, comments or suggestions are welcome! 
Last week I put in a little update of how the planning was going but, I never put my inspiration up! 
So, below are some of the inspiration boards and drawings for this year’s Halloween!
Inspiration Board #1: Wonderland
I really wanted to have at least two separate spaces in the party. There are so many images that the books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” bring to mind that I wanted to bring in as much as I could to the party space.I’ve decided to have the “Tea Party” in the middle of Wonderland’s enchanted forest area. I wanted pastels, flowers, butterflies and MAGIC.
Sources from top left clockwise: Movie Concept Art,  Little White Glove via StyleMePretty, Baby’s Breath, Mushrooms via A Fanciful Twist, apothecary bottles via Snippet & Ink via Modern50, Stacked Tea Cups via HostessBlog.com
Concept Drawings: Wonderland
View of the table with a moss table runner.
First concept drawing of the table with moss runner and butterflies hanging from ceiling.
Up close drawing of the table where I hope to incorporate passages from the two books.
 Inspiration Board #2:The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom

While I love all the colors and “otherworldliness” of Wonderland it is Halloween… so I wanted something a little more dark. The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom will help serve that need for a little creepiness… I mean really “Off with their Head!”– totally creepy. So, the bar area of the party will serve as the Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom.

Sources from top left clockwise: Painted Red Centerpieces from Fun Favors by Dulce, Shrunken Head Cider from Martha Stewart, Card Attack by A Perfect Party, Gwynn Wasson Designs Mad Tea Collection, Queen of Hearts Table from Grey Likes Weddings

Concept Drawings: The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom

The Bar: The centerpiece of course being a lovely card castle.

The Queen’s Castle
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    Those apples are creepy, what a great Halloween treat though!

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    Such a cool Halloween idea, you’ll have so much fun! I love all the ideas.

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