10 Days til Halloween! Party Planning Update

Yikes! There are only 10 days til Halloween!
(Nine if you are like me and having the party on Saturday, Oct. 30.)
So, as I am completely involved with my Halloween 2010 prep I thought I would just 
share some of the things I’ve gotten done up til now!
(My to do list might just make you cringe and I wouldn’t want that.)
Save the Dates
The save-the-dates were made to be EXTRA small.  We plan our party well in advance so I wanted to get these out as soon as I could. (Unfortunately, not everyone invited received one due to procrastination so most people got a social network invite.)
DIY Prep Party
Cutting out butterflies
Drawing Wonderland’s Characters
Creating a card castle
We threw a “prep party” a few weeks ago to get some of the more tedious projects finished. Some people made tissue flowers, other cut out and glued together butterflies, some drew characters from the book and others created a card castle. (My friends are AMAZING!)
Finished Card Castle

 The card castle will go in the bar area (in other words– the Red Queen’s area of the party). The finished projects was above and beyond my expectations and completely the results of me being friends with fabulously talented people. (Thanks Joan and Brandon)
Halloween Prep Area
(at the moment)
I have so much to do still! 
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    OMG, your party looks like it is going to be AWESOME!! Love the theme and Save the Date cards..cute! I only have one question, where’s my invite?? J/K. Can’t wait to see the after pics! 🙂

  2. Reply

    WOW! You are really talented! I can’t wait to see pictures from the party! 🙂

  3. Reply

    It looks spectacular already! I can’t wait to see it all come together. And you seem like *such* a party planning kindred spirit. I love showing my husband blogs like yours and saying, “See? See?! I’m not the only one!”

    Thanks for the Cornish Fairy party love over on the Kate Landers site. It was so much fun to create!

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