Weekend Update: My "Boo"ing Project

If you remember my last Friday Find post then you know that I planned on devoting part of my weekend to THIS project from TomKat Studio. I had so much fun creating them that I thought I’d update the blog with how the project went.

First off… we live in an apartment complex so we wanted to create inexpensive, yet still fun, “Boo” bags that could easily hang on the doorknob of our neighbors doors. We didn’t plan on knocking on the doors and running off (mainly because I could see myself getting to the stairs, tripping and then spending the evening in the hospital).

The Loot
We filled the bags with fun finds from the dollar store. 
I’m pretty happy with the goodies we found and hope the neighbors enjoy them!
 The Finished “Boo” Bags

I ran out of colored ink and REALLY wanted to finish this project today so I created my own “Boo” tags and printed them off in black and white. I really wanted to encourage my neighbors to create their own versions of the “Boo” signs so they don’t feel like they had to copy or download and print anything particular. I figured that the easier or more adaptable this 

project was the more likely other people would continue the fun by “Boo”ing others.
(The inspiration for this whole ordeal are the adorable FREE printables from TomKat.)

The “Boo” Sign

 I printed my sign on cardstock and dolled it up a bit with glitter, colored pencil, rhinestones and ribbon. For these simple black and white free printables just e-mail me at jenni[at]awellcraftedparty[dot]com. 

The Drop Off

My husband helped me drop off all the bags (yes, I was afraid they’d open the door. Wimp, I am.) Now we are waiting to see if they put the “Boo” signs up on their doors and continue the fun! I’m so excited!
Well, I couldn’t wait for my neighbors to get their treats…I knocked on their doors! (When I say “I” I really mean “my husband”.) I shouldn’t have attached the bag to the door handles because when one neighbor opened their door the thing crashed to the ground making everyone jump. Pretty sure no one saw who left the treats… but, I didn’t mean to scare my neighbor!

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