Tutorial: More Tissue Paper Flowers

Yesterday’s tutorial was over a basic floral pom. Today I’m going to show you how to make the flowers that look similar to colored carnations. I’m sure I found a tutorial at some point to make these flowers but it has been years since I’ve seen it and I’m sure that it isn’t exactly the same as the directions below. I just want you all to know that while I love making these flowers and do them often I am not so brilliant as to have invented them!

Finished flower in use at a birthday cocktail party.
Supplies: Tissue Paper, Pipe Cleaners (I like green because they look like stems), markers, a hold punch, a circular object to trace and scissors (not pictured).

Step One: Trace the circular object with a marker or pen onto the top sheet of tissue paper. I had about 15 sheets stacked, but you can use as few as 8 sheets and still get the desired effect.
 Step Two: Cut traced circle out with scissors. Make sure you cut through each sheet of tissue paper.
Step Three: Fold circles in half and punch with hole punch as close to the edge as possible. This should leave the tissue paper looking similar to a button with two holes in the middle of the circle.
Step Four: Thread pipe cleaner through the two holes. Twist the small end of the pipe cleaner to the “stem” to secure the tissue paper.
Step Five: Color the edges of the tissue paper with colored marker by holding the tissue paper tightly and moving the edge of the marker against the edges of tissue paper.
Step Six: Crumple individual sheets of tissue paper towards the center of the flower. Try rotating the flower after each crumple so that the sheets of tissue paper do not get stuck together.

The final flower can be fluffed a bit to look more realistic. Make several of these adorable flowers in different colors and enjoy!

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    • Anonymous
    • August 3, 2011

    I find that when you color the edges, if the layers have become uneaven it is difficult to color them. However, if you take the ink stick out of the marker and use that to color the edges it is much faster…love the outcome!

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