Friday Finds: Halloween Recipes

Halloween is the perfect time of year to have some fun in the kitchen. Today’s “Friday Find” are silly, creative, and spooky dishes that can wow your guests or family this Halloween season.

Party Food
Appetizers and other finger food are an easy way to bring some Halloween fun to a party. Make guests wonder exactly what it is they are eating with these fun, and delicious party-perfect treats.

Sources from top left clockwise:
  • Spicy Bat Wings“— Martha Stewart’s Halloween spin on chicken wings (made these last Halloween and LOVED them)
  • Cured Epiduris“— A creepy head-turner for the antipasto platter
  • Moldy Cheese Balls“— These delicious cheese balls will make any guest wonder about trying that cheese in the back of their fridge.
  • Adam’s Ribs“— More “heart”y party fare with a macabre twist
  • Eyeball Assortment“— An array of Italian Eyeballs to make guests wonder if someone saw them take 2
  • Rest in Peas“— Guests won’t be able to keep quiet after visiting this graveyard of toast tombstones and delightful pea dip
A Haunted Dinner
 Send the kiddos out for trick-or-treating with a tasty Halloween meal in their bellies or treat your friends to a haunted Halloween Dinner.

 Sources from top left clockwise:
  • Cauldron Curry” — I can’t say it better than Martha’s website, “You can almost hear the witch chant, ‘Breast of chicken and chile’s fury — with fresh green veg make good Thai curry!'” 
  • Mashed Boo-tatoes“—Give a nod to Halloween with these adorable ghost potatoes. (TIP: I made these two years ago and found that you should let the potatoes cool before piping into ghost form and then zap in the microwave for a few seconds before serving. Do not heat for too long as it will melt the form.)
  • Eye-Popping Soup“— Warm their bellies with this creepy tomato soup
  • Ghastly Ghoulash“— Halloween dinner doesn’t have to be blatantly spooky. This ghoulash would be the perfect addition to a Victorian Ghoul Dinner Party
  • Yummy Mummies“— Halloween Dinner on a Stick from BHG!

Sweet Treats
Now, it just wouldn’t be Halloween without something sweet to eat. Move beyond the traditional candies for your party guests with these treats.

  Sources from top left clockwise:
  • Brian Cupcakes“— You are what you eat!?! See if you grow smarter after a taste of “Albert Brainstien’s” brain!
  • Terrifying Tarantulas“— These eight-legged creatures mean you no harm, but will give guests a jump in alarm! (sorry for the rhyme… I just couldn’t resist!)
  • Boo-tiful Cake“— A whole family of friendly ghosts convene for slice of this tasty cake.
  • Boston Scream Pie“— Who can resist a Boston Creme Pie with this presentation?
  • Ladie’s Fingers“— A cookie treat that look’s like it’s name!
  • Poison Apples“— Keep Snow White away and save me one of these tasty dipped apples!
  • White Chocolate Ghosts“— A seriously easy Halloween treat from Martha Stewart that is great to bring to co-workers around the holiday. (I make these every year and everyone loves them!)
 Bizarre Breakfast

Halloween falls on a Sunday this year which most likely means that most festivities will be held on either the Friday or Saturday before the day. But, it doesn’t mean you can’t continue the celebrations! Below are some items that will make for a very interesting breakfast (or, in my case, brunch).

 Sources from top left clockwise:

  • “Hash Brains”— Rachael Ray’s website brings us this very fun and creepy potato side
  • “Egg Eyes”— Feeling a little haggard the day after the big party? These “blood shot” eyes can mirror your own and bring you back from the living dead.
  • “Buried Alive Muffins”— No time for a sit down breakfast? Prep these creepy muffins the night before and leave on the morning table for a little shock on Halloween day.
  • Spooky Side Up“— A full serving of crazy Halloween fun

Weekend Reader’s Question: What food do you serve every Halloween? Or, what foods are you looking forward to trying this year?

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