Inspiration Board To Reality: Something Blue Bridal Shower

A Well Crafted Party’s First Giveaway is still going on! 
to enter to win the following prize package:
—Inspiration Board with sources for an event you are planning to throw at least 2 months from now. The board will be based on a details your provide about your hopes for the party (including BUDGET!).
—3 DIY projects for your party with detailed instructions (see post for an example)
—Information and Ideas for Decorations, Favors, Refreshments and more based on your budget, venue and estimated DIY ability. 😉

 Below is an example of what real parties
can come from this package:
 (I created an inspiration board, suggested ideas and created printable packages for these parties)

 The “Well Crafted Party” Package includes an inspiration board, party ideas and DIY projects. 
The above package was a “Something Blue” Wedding Shower. 

The Real Party:

Printable Invites
DIY Poms hang over dessert table, DIY cake stands elevate cupcakes
Congrats to Heather & Brandon the lovely couple for whom this party was planned…. Thank you to the bridesmaids for using this “Well Crafted Party” and sending me photos!
And, Thank You HeatherNicolePhotography for the photos.

Inspiration Board To Reality: Bike Coctail Party

A Well Crafted Party’s First Giveaway is still going on! 
to enter to win the following prize package:
—Inspiration Board with sources for an event you are planning to throw at least 2 months from now. The board will be based on a details your provide about your hopes for the party (including BUDGET!).
—3 DIY projects for your party with detailed instructions (see post for an example)
—Information and Ideas for Decorations, Favors, Refreshments and more based on your budget, venue and estimated DIY ability. 😉

 Below is an example of what real parties
can come from this package:
 (I created an inspiration board, suggested ideas and created printable packages for these parties)

A Bike Themed Cocktail Party 

Host’s Ideas for the party: 
A cocktail party that mixes the birthday boy’s love for bikes and recycling. Nothing too fancy– something that everyone can sit back and enjoy. Wanted the space to be special but 
not over-decorated and certainly not fussy.

Well Crafted Inspiration Board: 
Sources from top left clockwise: 1. Bike Part Image, 2. Industrial looking drink station, 3. Bike Street Sign, 4. Bike part image, 5. striped straws, 6. Black wine bottle, 7. flasks, 8. gears image, 9. chrome table cloth
 A Couple of the “Well Crafted Party” DIY projects:
  • Spray painted empty beer and wine bottles for flowers and other decorations
  • Printable garland, coasters, cupcake toppers and drink tags
  • Taking, Printing and “framing” photos of bikes and bike road signs for the party area

One of the “Well Crafted Party” Printables:


Photos from the Real Party:
This is just one example of a real party that can come from winning this giveaway.
Not planning a party anytime soon but know someone who will be!?! Send them to the page so they can have the opportunity to win this fun package!
Some idea for events 2 months or more away: New Years Eve!, Valentines Day, Winter, Birthdays, Anniversaries, St. Patrick’s Day, Spring and well… the list goes on and on!

6 Days until Halloween! Party Planning Update

There are only 6 days until Halloween!!!
(5 days until my party–YIKES!)
The state of my dining room at the moment.
So, I’ll need to ask your forgiveness as I use the blog as a party planning space for my upcoming party. Any advice, ideas, comments or suggestions are welcome! 
Last week I put in a little update of how the planning was going but, I never put my inspiration up! 
So, below are some of the inspiration boards and drawings for this year’s Halloween!
Inspiration Board #1: Wonderland
I really wanted to have at least two separate spaces in the party. There are so many images that the books “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” bring to mind that I wanted to bring in as much as I could to the party space.I’ve decided to have the “Tea Party” in the middle of Wonderland’s enchanted forest area. I wanted pastels, flowers, butterflies and MAGIC.
Sources from top left clockwise: Movie Concept Art,  Little White Glove via StyleMePretty, Baby’s Breath, Mushrooms via A Fanciful Twist, apothecary bottles via Snippet & Ink via Modern50, Stacked Tea Cups via
Concept Drawings: Wonderland
View of the table with a moss table runner.
First concept drawing of the table with moss runner and butterflies hanging from ceiling.
Up close drawing of the table where I hope to incorporate passages from the two books.
 Inspiration Board #2:The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom

While I love all the colors and “otherworldliness” of Wonderland it is Halloween… so I wanted something a little more dark. The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom will help serve that need for a little creepiness… I mean really “Off with their Head!”– totally creepy. So, the bar area of the party will serve as the Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom.

Sources from top left clockwise: Painted Red Centerpieces from Fun Favors by Dulce, Shrunken Head Cider from Martha Stewart, Card Attack by A Perfect Party, Gwynn Wasson Designs Mad Tea Collection, Queen of Hearts Table from Grey Likes Weddings

Concept Drawings: The Queen of Hearts’ Kingdom

The Bar: The centerpiece of course being a lovely card castle.

The Queen’s Castle
Please don’t forget to enter our giveaway.. 
the contest ends the evening of Halloween!!
CLICK HERE to enter the contest that gives you the opportunity to win a custom designed party. You’ll receive custom inspiration boards, DIY projects (with instructions) 
and a full printable party package! 
Everything I do for my own parties I’ll do for you!

Friday Finds: Last Minute Halloween Party Decor

Yep, that’s right… it’s 9 days til Halloween! 
Do you have your party planned? 
Have you figured out what the party space is going to look like?
From Frog Prince Paperie
Well, today’s Friday Find is all about throwing that last minute party together. If I haven’t gushed enough about Printables already then prepare yourself for more gushing… 
Printables are a fantastic way to throw together a beautifully styled event for very little money. 
You can find free printables from some fantastic blogs out there, but, if you are looking for something particular then check out the many printables found on Etsy. 
You’ll find entire printable party packages for usually less than $20!
Sources from top left clockwise:
Some free Halloween Printables featured on
Free printables from The Paper Dolls Shoppe featured on
Free Halloween Printables from Love the Day on  
Other Free Halloween Printables:
Fantastic free Halloween Flags from Blush Printables
Have fun creating your Halloween Party Space!
And, don’t forget to enter our giveaway!
Enter to win a free “Well Crafted Party” Package including a custom inspiration board, DIY projects and a full printable 
party made just for you! 
You get 3 chances to win (1 for each comment)! 
Share with your friends and family.

10 Days til Halloween! Party Planning Update

Yikes! There are only 10 days til Halloween!
(Nine if you are like me and having the party on Saturday, Oct. 30.)
So, as I am completely involved with my Halloween 2010 prep I thought I would just 
share some of the things I’ve gotten done up til now!
(My to do list might just make you cringe and I wouldn’t want that.)
Save the Dates
The save-the-dates were made to be EXTRA small.  We plan our party well in advance so I wanted to get these out as soon as I could. (Unfortunately, not everyone invited received one due to procrastination so most people got a social network invite.)
DIY Prep Party
Cutting out butterflies
Drawing Wonderland’s Characters
Creating a card castle
We threw a “prep party” a few weeks ago to get some of the more tedious projects finished. Some people made tissue flowers, other cut out and glued together butterflies, some drew characters from the book and others created a card castle. (My friends are AMAZING!)
Finished Card Castle

 The card castle will go in the bar area (in other words– the Red Queen’s area of the party). The finished projects was above and beyond my expectations and completely the results of me being friends with fabulously talented people. (Thanks Joan and Brandon)
Halloween Prep Area
(at the moment)
I have so much to do still! 
Giveaway Reminder: There are only 10 days left to enter the giveaway for a complete “Well Crafted Party” Package! The prize package includes inspiration boards, DIY projects and printables for a party created just for you! 
CLICK HERE to read the instructions
on how to enter.

DIY: Two fun uses for picture frames

I love re-purposing items to use in my parties. One of the items that I really like to use in my parties are PICTURE FRAMES! They come in all kinds of fabulous shapes and sizes and can be used in so many different ways. You can use tiny ones on tables to mark place settings or extremely large ones as props in your home photobooth.

So, I thought I’d bring a DIY project using these wonderful multi-use props. Read on to find TWO fun uses for picture frames.

Prepping Your Frame

First things first…you’ve got to prep your frame to work in your party vision. If you’ve already purchased a frame that works in your vision then fantastic… just skip this step. But, if you’re like me and don’t like to spend a TON of money on party projects then read on. I typically purchase frames at Goodwill or a dollar store. Other fun affordable frames can be found at places like Ikea or Target.

Painting your frame in a color that matches your party’s color scheme is the EASIEST way to make it work in your party. I typically grab a handy can of spray paint for this but, you can use acrylic paint or even Modge Podge it and dump glitter all over it.

Project #1: Framed Sign

This project is the easiest way to really bring attention to certain elements of your party. I like to make signs for all of the major areas of my parties: Bar, Dessert Buffet, Photo Booth… etc.

Tools: Prepped frame of any size… I really like using either 5X7 or 8X10 frames and a sign for the area of choice
Directions: Create signs (or, find some awesome FREE PRINTABLES on-line) and print! You could also hand stencil signs or use your calligraphy talents if you have them! Cut to a size that fits your chosen frame. Then, frame the sign and place in the selected area of your party. 
Project #2: Drink or Appetizer Tray
A fun way to put in a whimsical, special detail into a party is using everyday objects in surprising ways. Using a picture frame as a tray gives you the opportunity to personalize drink areas or make passed hors d’oeuvres extra special.

Tools: Prepped frame of at least 8X10 size or larger, fabric or decorative paper, any extra embellishments you might add (I’m using plastic spiders and rhinestones!), a glue if you are adding embellishments
Directions: Take your prepped frame and slide a decorative paper in the frame. Replace the back of the frame with cardboard OR tape down the prop tool on the back of the frame so that the back is completely flat. Add embellishments to frame in an eye catching way. Place frame on side tables, buffets or in your hands for drinks or hors d’oeuvres!

 Hope you got a few ideas from this post! Don’t forget to enter our giveaway for a full “Well Crafted Party” Package! See the link on the right or just CLICK HERE

And by the by… this post is being entered in the:

Entertain Exchange

Our First Giveaway: Your Own Well Crafted Party!

I said that if we hit 100 Facebook Fans then we’d have our first giveaway… I honestly thought it would take longer than it did, but am excited to say:

It’s time for our first GIVEAWAY!!
That’s right! We hit 100 fans and it is time for the first ever Well-Crafted Giveaway. As I’ve mentioned a few times on Facebook I am currently working on items for my first Etsy store. I planned on having it up when we hit 100 fans… but, man did this go ever quicker than I had expected! So, this prize will be a taste of what the Etsy store will be offering. I do however hope to have more giveaways on this blog. So, if you are a blogger, business owner or Etsy shop owner that would like to sponsor a giveaway please see my Sponsor Page!

Okay… on to the goods! 

A Complete “Well Crafted Party” Package
—Inspiration Board with sources for an event you are planning to throw at least 2 months from now. The board will be based on a details your provide about your hopes for the party (including BUDGET!).
—3 DIY projects for your party with detailed instructions (see post for an example)
—Information and Ideas for Decorations, Favors, Refreshments and more based on your budget, venue and estimated DIY ability. 😉
The printable package will include: cupcake toppers, party banners, invitations 
and other party paraphernalia.
   The entire package has an estimated worth of $100.
Giveaway Guidelines
Each person has three opportunities to win this prize package (see entry guidelines below). The winner of the giveaway will be chosen randomly. The giveaway ends on Oct. 31, 2010. The winner will be announced November 1, 2010 here on the blog. 
Entry Guidelines:
(Enter up to 3 times, leaving a separate comment here at the blog for each entry.)
1. Leave a comment telling me what kind of party you want help planning
(remember the party must be up to two months out!) 
2. “Follow” A Well Crafted Party (see the link up to the left… just hit follow!) Leave a comment letting me know that you are now following the blog. If you already follow the site just leave a message letting me know you’ve been following! 
3. “LIKE” A Well Crafted Party on Facebook! Leave a comment HERE AT THE BLOG
letting me know you “LIKE” the site on Facebook or that you’ve been liking it for awhile now! 😉
Don’t forget to leave your comments on THIS POST in order to be in the drawing for the prize!
Oh, and thanks for being a fan of the blog! 

Update: This Giveaway is now CLOSED
We have a WINNER!
Entry #9 Christine is our winner! 
Please e-mail to discuss your prize!

But…. that’s not all! I was so excited about each of the parties that our entrants posted that I wanted to do something for everyone of the fine people that entered the giveaway. So, I am creating a custom inspiration board with party ideas for each of the entrants of this giveaway (a $25 value)!

Jeff and Frances
Sugar Foot Designs 
and, Teri
Please e-mail me at to get your inspiration board started!


Weekend Update: My "Boo"ing Project

If you remember my last Friday Find post then you know that I planned on devoting part of my weekend to THIS project from TomKat Studio. I had so much fun creating them that I thought I’d update the blog with how the project went.

First off… we live in an apartment complex so we wanted to create inexpensive, yet still fun, “Boo” bags that could easily hang on the doorknob of our neighbors doors. We didn’t plan on knocking on the doors and running off (mainly because I could see myself getting to the stairs, tripping and then spending the evening in the hospital).

The Loot
We filled the bags with fun finds from the dollar store. 
I’m pretty happy with the goodies we found and hope the neighbors enjoy them!
 The Finished “Boo” Bags

I ran out of colored ink and REALLY wanted to finish this project today so I created my own “Boo” tags and printed them off in black and white. I really wanted to encourage my neighbors to create their own versions of the “Boo” signs so they don’t feel like they had to copy or download and print anything particular. I figured that the easier or more adaptable this 

project was the more likely other people would continue the fun by “Boo”ing others.
(The inspiration for this whole ordeal are the adorable FREE printables from TomKat.)

The “Boo” Sign

 I printed my sign on cardstock and dolled it up a bit with glitter, colored pencil, rhinestones and ribbon. For these simple black and white free printables just e-mail me at jenni[at]awellcraftedparty[dot]com. 

The Drop Off

My husband helped me drop off all the bags (yes, I was afraid they’d open the door. Wimp, I am.) Now we are waiting to see if they put the “Boo” signs up on their doors and continue the fun! I’m so excited!
Well, I couldn’t wait for my neighbors to get their treats…I knocked on their doors! (When I say “I” I really mean “my husband”.) I shouldn’t have attached the bag to the door handles because when one neighbor opened their door the thing crashed to the ground making everyone jump. Pretty sure no one saw who left the treats… but, I didn’t mean to scare my neighbor!

Friday Finds: Pre-Halloween FUN!

I’m devoting this entire Friday Find post 
(and part of my weekend) 
to this incredibly fun project
Have you been “Boo’d” yet this year?

I won’t tell you EVERYTHING about what it means to be Boo’d… (you’ll have to check out TomKat’s original post or Finding My Aloha’s instructional post). But, I will tell you that it looks like a TON of fun. Basically, it is a great way to show the holiday spirit around the neighborhood with little treats and tags that read, “You’ve Been Booed!” After being “Boo’d” a sign is posted on the door that reads, “I’ve Been Booed!” I can just a whole neighborhood really getting into this and having a blast. Find the ADORABLE “Booed” printables (with instructions) to download for FREE at TomKat’s website or by clicking HERE.

So, if you live in my neighborhood BEWARE…. 
you might just be Boo’d this weekend!
I must apologize for the use of “boo’d” and “booed” intermittently throughout the post. I can’t decide which is right and while my husband votes for “Booed” I prefer “Boo’d”. I guess they both work fine. :)

Real Party: Haunted Halloween Dinner Party

Some more Halloween Real Party love coming your way… :)
Haunted Halloween Dinner
A 5-course dinner party for 20 gruesome guests
 Guests received hand-delivered invitations to this Halloween Dinner.
The invitations were attached to black roses and covered in fake spider web.
The Menu was an array of delicious, and creepy, Fall foods.
Most of the recipes were inspired by some of Martha Stewart’s Halloween food creations. (See my recent post on Halloween Recipes for some of the links!)
First course: Tomato and Red Pepper Soup with Mozzarella Eyeballs
Second Course: Green Salad served with Roasted Red Peppers and a Spider’s Egg
Third Course: Lamb Shanks with Mashed Potato Ghosts
Fourth Course: Decaying Cheese Plate
Fifth Course: Death By Chocolate (Recipe for this deliciously sinful dessert coming soon!)
Each place setting held a menu (with rhinestone studded spiders crawling on them),
a charger plate covered in spider web and a wine goblet with another rhinestone
studded spider. The table itself was covered in a tattered cheese cloth,
tons of spider web, glittery spiders and pumpkins.
When planning this party I really wanted guests to walk into a
whole different world that what my small apartment typically looks like.
In order to help create the other worldly look we purchased flat decorative
paper and black gossamer (like they use at proms).
We also purchased SEVERAL hundred fake spiders from and used them throughout the party. Some of the spiders we spray painted silver, some we doused in black glitter, some we attached rhinestones to their backs.
We spray painted and glittered several pumpkins and scattered them throughout the party. Fake spider web finished off our spooky setting.



I’d love to feature your Halloween Real Party!
and send your party submission to me at:

*Affiliate links have been used in this post. I do not post about products that I haven’t used myself. See my policies page for more information!


I love trolling the blogosphere for inspiration. 
But, what I really love!?! Free printables. 

Free printables get me excited for the next event that I can use them in. I’ve even created entire parties just so I can use the free printables that I’ve discovered. So, today is dedicated to free printable goodies. I’ve added a page on my blog solely devoted to these free goodies (check the button on the right or tab at the top of the page). More on that page later… for now I’d like to share some exciting printables from some of my FAVORITE blogs!

The TomKat Studio always has great inspiration… 
which, is probably why they just hit 10,000 FANS on Facebook.
In celebration of getting to 10,000 fans the TomKat Studio has added three free printables for cake bunting. The blog also has a fun tutorial from Sharnel Dollar Designs for how to put together the great bunting. So, congrats to TomKat Studio and thanks for the great new printable!

The Hostess with the Mostess was the first blog to REALLY grab my attention. It has such beautiful parties to inspire almost any event. Check out their many posts with free printables.
One of my FAVORITE free printables is their “Flowers and Candy” Centerpiece. It is adorable, whimsical and the perfect addition to a baby shower. 
How About Orange is a blog from a graphic and textile designer…
so, you can expect some pretty amazing free downloads.

This adorable free printable card featured on How About Orange is from Meg of Olliegraphic. Don’t you already have someone in mind that needs a good “Congrats!” card or a sweet message in the mail!
 For some seriously great inspiration check out Pizzazzerie.Com. The site has great real parties and tons of fun DIY projects. And, while there are currently some fun printables what I am REALLY looking forward to is the article “Halloween tables & Printables” that is listed under the “Coming Soon” area of the website.

Want to go ahead and get started with free printable awesomeness? Currently Pizzazzerie has a link to Gwynn Wasson Designs free printable collection giveaway. Two awesome Halloween printable sets are ready to be e-mailed to you!
Speaking of Gwynn Wasson Designs
 Check out the site for great tips and hints on how to print your free printables!
Currently I am working on several printable packages for an upcoming Etsy shop. But, I’d also like to make some available for FREE on this site. But, I need your help:
What free printables are you wanting to see on the blog?

Friday Finds: Halloween Drinks

You can certainly get creative with Halloween food… but, the drinks are where you can really go crazy! Today’s finds are all dedicated to the fun of Halloween drinks. Check out the following links for an array of Halloween inspiration.

Sources from top left clockwise: Witches’ Brew from Martha Stewart, Haunting Hot Chocolate from BHG (I LOVE white hot chocolate!!), Fresh from the Lab Bubbling Mocktails/Cocktails from Martha, and Boo-Nilla Shakes from Martha

Sources from top left clockwise: Blood Thirsty Mary from Martha Stewart, Bleeding Heart Martini from Martha, Sinister Cider Cocktail from Martha Stewart, Sweet N’ Tart Cocktail and Tootsie Roll Cocktail from

Sources from top left clockwise: Ghoulada Punch from Martha Stewart, Red Sangria from Martha Stewart, Ghoul’s Punch from BHG, and (my favorite!) Shrunken Heads in Cider from Martha Stewart

Sources from top left clockwise: Lychee and Grape Eyeballs from Martha Stewart (I’ve made these before and they were a HIT!), Candied Rim and Lychee Eyeball from Hostess with the Mostess, Bedeviled Skewer from BHG, Ice Eyeballs from Martha Stewart

Sources from top left clockwise: Skeleton Hand Garnish Trays from Pottery Barn, Halloween Etched Cocktail Shaker, Cold Blooded Ice Tray found at Fred Flare, Brain Freeze Ice Tray found at Fred Flare, Skull Drinkware from Target, Flask from Online Science Mall
Last, but certainly not least check out this recipe for your own Pumpkin Spice Liquor from
HalloweenDrinks.Net. I can just imagine all the drinks I’m going to create with this addition to my bar!

Well, I hope that you enjoyed today’s Friday Finds as much I have enjoyed finding them all!

Weekend Reader’s Question: 
What kind of cocktail/drink/punch are you going to serve this year at your Halloween party?

Tutorial: More Tissue Paper Flowers

Yesterday’s tutorial was over a basic floral pom. Today I’m going to show you how to make the flowers that look similar to colored carnations. I’m sure I found a tutorial at some point to make these flowers but it has been years since I’ve seen it and I’m sure that it isn’t exactly the same as the directions below. I just want you all to know that while I love making these flowers and do them often I am not so brilliant as to have invented them!

Finished flower in use at a birthday cocktail party.
Supplies: Tissue Paper, Pipe Cleaners (I like green because they look like stems), markers, a hold punch, a circular object to trace and scissors (not pictured).

Step One: Trace the circular object with a marker or pen onto the top sheet of tissue paper. I had about 15 sheets stacked, but you can use as few as 8 sheets and still get the desired effect.
 Step Two: Cut traced circle out with scissors. Make sure you cut through each sheet of tissue paper.
Step Three: Fold circles in half and punch with hole punch as close to the edge as possible. This should leave the tissue paper looking similar to a button with two holes in the middle of the circle.
Step Four: Thread pipe cleaner through the two holes. Twist the small end of the pipe cleaner to the “stem” to secure the tissue paper.
Step Five: Color the edges of the tissue paper with colored marker by holding the tissue paper tightly and moving the edge of the marker against the edges of tissue paper.
Step Six: Crumple individual sheets of tissue paper towards the center of the flower. Try rotating the flower after each crumple so that the sheets of tissue paper do not get stuck together.

The final flower can be fluffed a bit to look more realistic. Make several of these adorable flowers in different colors and enjoy!

Tutorial: Tissue Paper Flowers

Tissue paper flowers are EVERYWHERE right now. Martha made them easy to make and now everyone is doing it. And, why not!? They are a fantastic and inexpensive way to help decorate a party. Make them small and put them in vases or make them large and hang them from the ceiling—any way you use them they always look fantastic.
I’m currently in the middle of creating a TON of tissue paper flowers in several different ways to use for this year’s Halloween event. So, I thought while in the process I’d share with you some tutorials on how to create easy tissue paper flowers for whatever event you are working on.

This tutorial is for a basic flower and is based on the Martha Stewart instructions (be sure to check out the tutorial on the Martha Stewart website… now that is a pro!).

Tissue paper, floral wire and scissors are all you need to make these flowers. For the three inch buds that I am creating I have cut my tissue paper into 4X6 rectangles. I’ve found that 8 sheets of tissue paper make a nice, full flower for this size without the tissue paper being too thick to cut through. For larger flowers I’ve found that I need to use more paper to create a full flower.
Step One— Fold the tissue paper (like you would a paper fan) by alternating the folds. Crease the folds as well as you can so that the paper will crimp like an accordion.

Step Two— Wrap a piece of floral wire around the center of the folded tissue paper. I’ve only used a small piece of wire for this project because I’m wiring all of my flowers together. But, I’d suggest at least 5 inches of wire for most projects.
Step Three— Round or point the edges of the tissue paper with scissors to create the petals of the flower. (I have rounded the edges for these flowers.)
Step Three—Fan out the two sides of the flower around the wire. 
Step Four—Start pulling up each layer of tissue paper towards the center of the flower. This can be tedious and you might tear the tissue paper a little at times… don’t worry, you probably won’t even notice when the flower is finished. After finishing one side of the flower continue to the opposite side until all layers of tissue paper have been pulled free of their folds.
The finished flower! Once the flower is finished you can add ribbon to it and use it as a napkin holder or add a stem and stick into a vase. 
Have fun making tissue paper flowers! Beware… making these once starts an addictive trend! All props to Martha for the easy instructions that I’ve been using for the past few years and several parties.  
Keep checking in on the blog (or, hey, just hit follow just up to the left there) for tutorials on different variations on tissue flowers that I’ll be posting over this week.
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