Halloween Invitations

Okay all– there are only 35 days left until Halloween! 

Less if you are like me and are having the Halloween events on the Saturday night before the holiday. With the holiday in mind I am going to now start focusing most of my blog posts on all things Halloween. I have two Real Parties I plan on sharing with you and a ton of do-it-yourself posts coming in preparation for my 2010 party. I also want to focus on spooktacular drinks and eats throughout these 35 days.

For me, all of my parties really begin with the invitation. As soon as an idea evolves I am busy working on what type of invitation will really SET THE TONE for the entire event. Today’s post I am featuring some great invitations that can be found on-line or at local stores, you can do yourself and a couple of invites I’ve done in the past for this holiday. Let me know your favorite invite, invites you’ve seen that I might have missed, or what you plan on doing for your Halloween party invite!

Invites to Purchase
  1. A party printable from TomKatStudio over at Etsy. This party invite also has many wonderful party elements ready for you to purchase and print at home.
  2. Featured at CountryLiving.Com this spooky invite would be great for a more formal Halloween get-together. You can purchase these invites at Michael’s Craft Stores.
  3. Planning a Halloween Ball? This chandelier invite in the traditional orange and black will really set the tone for a hauntingly good time. The invite can be found and personalized at Invitation Box’s website.
  4. If you haven’t gone and checked out TomKat Studio then you don’t know what you are missing! The printables found there are beyond beautiful and ridiculously affordable. This Halloween Glam collection is by far one of my favorites (as are the amazing Laura Winslow photos from the collection’s photo shoot). 
  5. Another customizable invite from Invitation Box. This simple spider invitation can lend itself to a fabulous Halloween Cocktail party.
  6. Another Etsy Find! This beautiful scroll invite can be found over at Artful Beginnings. It would be a great invitation for a small Halloween Dinner Party.
Invites to Make
  1. Martha Stewart’s team never ceases to amaze. She has instructions on how to make several awesome invitations for your Halloween bash. The three pictured above are found at the Martha Stewart Website: Masquerade InviteMessage in a Bottle Invite, and Severed Finger Invite
  2. Better Home and Gardens has several home made invitation instructions available on their site ranging from invites perfect for kids parties all the way to a eery wedding invitation. The three pictured above are found at the BHG website: Hallowedding InvitationBewitching Invitation, and Owl Invitation
 Real Party Invites (by me)
Both of these invites are from my personal Halloween parties from the past two years. The one on the left was for a Haunted Halloween Dinner and the one on the right from a Bewitching Masquerade Ball. Follow the blog (or “LIKE” the blog on Facebook) to see when the Real Parties are being featured. Also, check back soon for a tutorial on how to make the invites from the Bewitching Ball!

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