An Exciting Week So far!

Well, it has been an exciting week so far here at A Well Crafted Party! I want to thank both Catch My Party and Eat Drink Pretty for their wonderful features. It has been very exciting to see my work out at other blogs and seeing new faces following this blog. I honestly can’t even believe that it is only Wednesday and am excited to see what the rest of the week has in store!

As for the this blog I have some exciting things in store for the month! In no particular order here are a few things to look forward to:

  • Several DIY posts over a variety of different projects— invitations (with printables); crepe paper and tissue paper flowers; Halloween crafts; and much more
  • Two Halloween real parties (although, I would like to feature more if you have a party you’d like to share!)
  • Fantastic Halloween and Fall finds in the areas of entertaining, food and DIY
  • And, HOPEFULLY, by the end of the month an ETSY store with holiday party supplies!!! 

Thanks for stopping by! And, because a post without pictures makes me sad here is a sneak peek of one of the Halloween Real Parties that will be posted soon!

What would you like to see on the blog this next month?

How to Make a Cake Stand

Remember these beauties from THIS wedding?
Well, the cake stands are totally DIY! You can find several different tutorials on-line for cake stands like these. But, for my version (and how these cake stands were made) check out the tutorial I created for EAT DRINK PRETTY. Make the stands in a variety of colors for your next party!

Halloween Invitations

Okay all– there are only 35 days left until Halloween! 

Less if you are like me and are having the Halloween events on the Saturday night before the holiday. With the holiday in mind I am going to now start focusing most of my blog posts on all things Halloween. I have two Real Parties I plan on sharing with you and a ton of do-it-yourself posts coming in preparation for my 2010 party. I also want to focus on spooktacular drinks and eats throughout these 35 days.

For me, all of my parties really begin with the invitation. As soon as an idea evolves I am busy working on what type of invitation will really SET THE TONE for the entire event. Today’s post I am featuring some great invitations that can be found on-line or at local stores, you can do yourself and a couple of invites I’ve done in the past for this holiday. Let me know your favorite invite, invites you’ve seen that I might have missed, or what you plan on doing for your Halloween party invite!

Invites to Purchase
  1. A party printable from TomKatStudio over at Etsy. This party invite also has many wonderful party elements ready for you to purchase and print at home.
  2. Featured at CountryLiving.Com this spooky invite would be great for a more formal Halloween get-together. You can purchase these invites at Michael’s Craft Stores.
  3. Planning a Halloween Ball? This chandelier invite in the traditional orange and black will really set the tone for a hauntingly good time. The invite can be found and personalized at Invitation Box’s website.
  4. If you haven’t gone and checked out TomKat Studio then you don’t know what you are missing! The printables found there are beyond beautiful and ridiculously affordable. This Halloween Glam collection is by far one of my favorites (as are the amazing Laura Winslow photos from the collection’s photo shoot). 
  5. Another customizable invite from Invitation Box. This simple spider invitation can lend itself to a fabulous Halloween Cocktail party.
  6. Another Etsy Find! This beautiful scroll invite can be found over at Artful Beginnings. It would be a great invitation for a small Halloween Dinner Party.
Invites to Make
  1. Martha Stewart’s team never ceases to amaze. She has instructions on how to make several awesome invitations for your Halloween bash. The three pictured above are found at the Martha Stewart Website: Masquerade InviteMessage in a Bottle Invite, and Severed Finger Invite
  2. Better Home and Gardens has several home made invitation instructions available on their site ranging from invites perfect for kids parties all the way to a eery wedding invitation. The three pictured above are found at the BHG website: Hallowedding InvitationBewitching Invitation, and Owl Invitation
 Real Party Invites (by me)
Both of these invites are from my personal Halloween parties from the past two years. The one on the left was for a Haunted Halloween Dinner and the one on the right from a Bewitching Masquerade Ball. Follow the blog (or “LIKE” the blog on Facebook) to see when the Real Parties are being featured. Also, check back soon for a tutorial on how to make the invites from the Bewitching Ball!

My Party was FEATURED!

One of my party backdrops was featured over at Catch My Party’s Blog. Go check it out and leave the lovely blogger some comments!

Real Party: The Dynamic Duo Tied the Knot Congrats Party

Remember the lovely couple that got married at VooDoo Too!? We wanted to all get together a week after the wedding and celebrate the union. We decided to have a casual get together with a bit of a comic book theme. I wanted bright colors and lots of quote bubbles throughout the party. We also really wanted to play off all of the bright colors from the wedding and include the wedding photos that I shot.

I only used items that I found in my own house to create the party. We used post-it notes, scrap paper, yellow sticker paper and my printer for most of the DIY decorations. Below are some of the photos from the party. Enjoy!

The decor was all DIY from items that I could find around the apartment. My favorite part of the party was the post-it wall background for the food table. Using a tutorial found on-line I created four bright colored hearts from post-it notes alone. (The tutorial was from Mental Hygiene and was for something much more complicated then what I did!)

I also decorated with good old fashioned paper chains that I created with scrap paper and glue. I made the chains with cardstock and hot glue to make them more sturdy (they are now hanging above my bed as a type of free-form art piece!)

The banner was made using the font “SF Slapstick Comic” found on

Dessert was mini cupcakes decorated in an array of neon colored frosting and comic-style cupcake picks. They looked adorable stacked up on my homemade cakestands.

The bar was decorated with photos from the wedding along with Comic-style signs. I used cardstock to create frames for the photos and gave the framed photos as favors to guests.

And, the really give the party a bit of fun I added silly signs throughout the party in quote bubbles to help guide guests around the food table.

Real Party: 28th Birthday Cocktail Party

Who doesn’t love a good cocktail party? Well I certainly do… and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to throw a cocktail party birthday party last year for a friend’s 28th birthday.

Today is her 29th birthday so I thought I would revel in found memories and say,
“Happy Birthday!” with a real party feature of her birthday.

Real Party: A VooDoo Too! Wedding

A couple of friends of mine recently got married and I was lucky enough to bring my camera. The couple in question are laid-back, anything but fussy and currently enjoying a ton of homework as they are both currently furthering their education.

They decided to gather with friends and enjoy a VooDoo Too! wedding. VooDoo Doughnuts is a local doughnut bakery that creates awesome and interesting doughnut creations. They have two locations in Portland and one in Eugene, OR. The VooDoo Too! location has wedding packages available to customers.

Enjoy the photos of this no-fuss and absolutely, incredibly fun wedding!

One of the two doughnut desserts that the venue provided. This one reads, “Nick and Natalie”
The Witness and the Groom
The traditional “cake cutting ceremony” done just a little different.

The wedding guests and the bride and groom in front of the VooDoo Doughnut truck.    
Picking the first dance song on the jukebox
The First Dance

Thanks to Nick and Natalie for allowing me to take pictures at your incredibly fun wedding!

Friday Finds: Halloween Adult Costume Inspiration

It is that time of year again when all I can think about is Halloween! I plan my Halloween party themes nearly a year in advance, but I really dig down and start the party planning in September. So, I thought that today’s “Friday Finds” would be all about Halloween Costume Inspiration. Check the blog out every Friday from now til Halloween for more Halloween Finds!

Adult Costumes to Make
 One of the best parts of Halloween, for me, is dressing up in costume. It is the perfect opportunity to bring in some creativity and fun. I prefer to make my own costumes (as much as possible). Below are some examples of costumes that could easily be made and worn to a fun Halloween cocktail party.

Martha has FABULOUS inspiration over at her site! 
These four images are all from her Favorite Costume Ideas Photo Gallery

These would be great for a Halloween cocktail party or ball….couldn’t you just swoon over entering a a ball in a fabulous orange ball gown and the Madam Butterfly costume? 

Martha inspired my costume a couple of years ago when I found the Medusa How-To on her site. Below is an inspiration to reality board showing my interpretation of the Medusa Hair-Do. (I have to say that it would have been nice to have a stylist to do this one instead of doing it by myself!)

 Adult Costumes to Buy
Don’t have the time to create a hand-made costume but, you don’t want a cheap Halloween Store creation? The solution to all our costume needs lies in an Etsy shop somewhere! 
Thankfully Etsy has made it extremely easy to find what you are looking for with their search engines and treasuries. One of my favorite Halloween themed treasuries has to be the Fairy Treasury featuring some amazing finds for a great Fairy costume.
Below is an Esty costume inspiration board and links to these awesome finds.
 From Top Left Clockwise: Queen of Hearts Leather Mask from Tom Banwell, “Funshine Bear” from Bang Bang Crash, “Mrs. Peacock” Dress from Veronica Reis, Hedgehog from Bang Bang Crash, and Natural Woods Crown from Which Goose
 Well, I hope you enjoyed this weeks Friday Finds and that you have a fantastic weekend! Keep checking back for more Halloween Inspiration and Real Parties. 
WEEKEND READER QUESTION: What are you planning on dressing up as for this year’s Halloween and how are you going to create that costume?

Real Party: Cheery Summer Wedding

A few (well, more like several) posts ago I had a sneak peek of a wedding that I helped design. Well, finally we have some photos to show! I’m excited about this wedding for many reasons…the biggest one, of course, is that it was my sister’s wedding!

orange and yellow wedding attire

Continue Reading…

Real Party: Mad Tea Party Birthday

I am so excited to feature this adorable Mad Tea Party from Scantling Photography. Not only does she take fun, beautiful portraits but she can throw a sweet party!

Here is what she said about the party:

“When Kennedy (Scantling’s daughter) told me she wanted to have a tea party I knew I had to be creative–seeing how Kennedy is not ‘girly’ and she had a lot of boys invited to the party. So we went with a mad hatter tea party theme!”

Continue Reading…

Friday Finds: Link Love for Labor Day

This week’s Friday Finds are going to be some links and ideas that I love for this year’s Labor Day weekend. Think camping, BBQ and other end of summer fun.

1. A beautiful layered salad would be just the item to bring to a labor day potluck or picnic.

2. Labor Day just wouldn’t be Labor Day without a little grilling! Martha has 35 great grilling recipes ready to go for this year’s celebration.

Midwestern Grilled Bratwurst Sandwiches with Caraway Sauerkraut via Martha Stewart

3. Hostess with the Mostess has a very inspirational “Color Your Summer” party posted on their blog that would really send summer out with a bang. Oh, and I should mention… there are FREE PRINTABLES!

4. Going camping? Make it an extra special camping trip by adding some of the great details from Moore Minute’s Classic Boy Campout Party. I’m just in love with the tent they used!

5. Bring the camping indoors with a “Roast & Toast” party via City Cradle Design for just the adults. Smores and wine sound so fine!

6. Have a “white” party were all your guests wear white… after all there is no white after labor day!

My Party was FEATURED!

My Viva Las Vegas Party is being featured as Catch My Party’s  
“Party of the Day!” 

Catch My Party is a party sharing website with gobs of inspiration from party throwers out there just like me and you. You can submit parties for all to see (or just select people). I’m excited now that not only one but three of my parties have been featured as the party of the day.

If you head over to Catch My Party today then you will see my party (along with two other fantastic parties) scrolling along on the front page. Otherwise you can visit the party directly by clicking the link below.

If you like the party then click on the “cupcake” to let me know!
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