Pirate Printables!

Loving the idea of throwing your very own Pirate Party?  Well, below are some free printables to help get your shin-dig going.

Birthday Buccaneer Cupcake Sails Directions: Print page (you may need to select the “fit to print” option) and cut out sails. Hole punch where indicated on the top and bottom of the sails. Stick a lollipop stick (can be found at your local craft store or in the candy and cake aisle of some of your larger supermarkets) through the holes and top with a Pirate flag. Stick into cupcake.
Pirate Flags Directions: Print out page (you may need to use the “fit to print” option) and cut out the flags. Wrap the left side of the flags around a lollipop stick or straw and glue (Elmers or a hot glue gun should work fine).

These printables are provided free for your personal use and are not permitted for sale. The fonts used are featured on Dafont.com for personal use. Some of the font on Dafont.com have an option for donations to the font designer… I highly suggest donating to these awesome artists! The fonts used are: Major Guilty, ShipsNBoats and Armada Pirata.

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