Hardy Har Har… a Pirate Party Inspiration Board

Have a little one that loves the idea of a treasure hunt just for him/her? Or, are you working on an idea for a fun and safe Halloween party for your little ones? A Pirate Party might be just the thing with treasure, activity and a lot of fun decor options. Get inspired by popping in a DVD of Pirates of the Caribbean, surfing the blogs or just scroll down a bit to my inspiration board for a good old fashioned Pirate Party.

Set the tone for this party by sending a treasure map invitation with your house marked with an X. Encourage guests to come dressed in theme or provide eye patches and swords at the door.  Decorate with old nets, crates, drapes of red fabric and so much more. And, don’t forget the treasure hunt that ends with the little buccaneers receiving goody bags filled with pirate treasure.

Sources from top left clockwise around board:
1. Gold coins from Oriental Trading to use as “Pirate Treasure” or as favors
2. Freakin’ cute cupcake liners (the red and white striped or the black and white striped would be so adorable) from Cupcake Social’s Etsy store but I’m sure you can find them other places as well. (Oh, and if you did these with the red and white striped paper straws with little black pirate flags on them then I’m sure your guests will enjoy!)
3. These pirate cookies from Kara’s Party Ideas would be cute and seriously easy. I also love the box that they put them on that is covered with a pirate cloth–something you could do easily to hide props holding food at your party.
4. This is actually a card from Cupcake Social’s Etsy shop that could be used for invites, thank you cards, art for around the room…. the list goes on and on.
5. Couture Parties did a great Pirate themed party that had both the cute straws and these paper cones. Hostess Blog has a tutorial that makes the  paper cones easy enough to make with some scrapbook or wrapping paper.
6. Cute favor bags like the one pictured can be found on Etsy or easily made!
7. These cupcake sails with flags were featured on That Cute Little Cake.

Check back later this week for free printables!

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