Planning in Progress: Brian’s Birthday

I don’t know what to say except: sorry! I have been spending most of my time planning events rather than writing about them. It does mean that I am hoping to have a handful of real parties to post about later this month.

But, I thought that I would take a little time out and give you a look into the parties I am currently working on.

Party #1: Brian’s Birthday: Brought to you by the Letter “B”
We are doing a lot of parties with my sister’s wedding coming up so we were looking for a fun, yet simple idea for my husband’s 28th birthday. We were sitting down working on a different party when I decided to make a list for his party.

“What things do you like?” I asked.
He said, “hmmm… beer.”
To which I replied, “Yes, but what else.”
“Bocce Ball. Books.”
I laughed, “Sounds like you birthday is brought to you by the letter ‘B’.”

So, then we decided on bringing a little Sesame Street into the mix.

We aren’t going to go as crazy as I want to for this party because we are headed for my sister’s wedding just a few days after his birthday.

Some of my brainstorming for a simple, adult Sesame Street party:

  • Black and Blue are basically the color scheme (which means I get to pull out my fun black and white plates and platters!)
  • My husband loves Grover so he blessed the invitations with a smile… I’m thinking that at the party Grover, Oscar and Cookie Monster will definitely be in attendance. 
  • I’m hoping to get a big banner finished that says, “B is for Brian, but C is for Cooooookie!!!!” 
  • A cookie bar
  • All of the foods will basically begin with B– Burgers and Buns, BBQ, Bratwurst (you get the idea)
  • And, if the weather is good we will play a rousing game of Bocce Ball

Keep tuned in for more about the Brought to You By the Letter “B” Birthday Bash.

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