Real Party: A Childhood Birthday Revisited

Our friend Ryan wanted to celebrate his birthday in the same way he got to celebrate birthdays when he was a kid.  He wanted bright colors, fun games, build your own foods and root beer floats. So, we had bright colored balloons and streamers all over our apartment. We played board games and Pin the Toupee on Ryan. Enjoy the photos of my first posted “Real Party”.

From left clockwise: We turned our dining room into a large photo booth filled with fun props. The Chip & Dip bar started the evening off with fun build-your-own snacks. One table was topped with an assortment of games and a box full of great kid appropriate prizes including: PEZ Dispinsers, Whoopie Cushions and Lego sets. Even the bathroom got the bright colored treatment.

From Left Clockwise: Root beer floats were made a little bit more adult with the addition of root beer schnapps or the ever popular Stout Shake. Ryan got to hold his bald counterpart while people attempted to pin a toupee on him. I can’t have a party without a banner! More Pin the Toupee fun. Balloons hung from the ceiling and covered the floor!

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